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Boston Bruins Get A New Player: Postma’s Best Friend

The Boston Bruins practiced in Calgary, Alberta on Sunday, February 18 before their game the following Monday. For one Bruin, though, going to Calgary was about more than just the game.

Reunited With His Best Friend

The Bruins’ Canadian-born defense player Paul Postma got an awesome surprise as the Bruins practiced in his home country.


Cooper, Postma’s longtime best friend, was there to greet him after practice. The Bernedoodle (half-Bernese mountain dog, half-poodle) was equally excited to be reunited as the hockey star was to see his pet. The two shared a big hug on the ice and the team was able to snap some very adorable photos.

But How Was This Possible?

Postma is originally from Red Deer, Alberta. His parents drove the two hours to Calgary so that Cooper could surprise the NHL star with a visit. For many professional hockey players, of the best things about the NHL is how family-oriented the league is.


Postma was drafted in the 7th round in 2007. He made his debut with the Carolina Hurricanes in 2011, then moved to Winnipeg to play with the newly-formed Jets franchise. During his 2013-2014 season, a blood clot in his leg caused him to miss 47 games. In 2017, Postma began playing with the Boston Bruins as a free agent.

Could Cooper Become The Newest Bruin?

Cooper had a lot of fun on the ice and enjoyed meeting many Bruins players. As for a future with the team, the friendly Bernedoodle is less intimidating than the Bruins mascot, so Cooper may have to sit out the next few games.


Even though Cooper fits in well with the team, he might have trouble keeping up with these highly-skilled players. The Boston Bruins are currently second in their conference and third overall. The Bruins beat the Calgary Flames 2-1 on Monday, February 19 and will head to Toronto next, facing off against the Leafs on February 24.

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