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Houston Owner Bob McNair Deposed on Colin Kaepernick Case

Houston Texans owner Bob McNair sat through deposition for two hours in connection to the collusion grievance filed by quarterback Colin Kaepernick against the NFL.

The free agent was also in attendance although the report, quoting alleged sources familiar to the deposition, said that there was no drama involved between the two. The Texans owner also wasn’t surprised that the quarterback was there.

Kaepernick, as a complainant, has every right to be present during the deposition. He’s expected to also be present in future interviews with NFL owners.

Another source from the Texans told Yahoo Sports that McNair and Kaepernick even greeted each other before the start of the deposition. Apparently, the owner already knew that the GQ Citizen of the Year was coming because he was working out in Houston on Thursday.

McNair courted controversy when he allegedly tried to persuade the other owners to take a harder stance on players who continue to sit down or kneel during the national anthem. He reportedly said during one of the meetings late last year, per ESPN, “We can’t have the inmates running the prison.”

The owner immediately issued a public apology for his remarks.