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Blake Griffin Takes Pistons to the Lead Winning 99-83 vs. Bulls

The Friday night game between Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls took the previous team to a lead with Blake Griffin scoring 25 points, 8 rebounds, and 8 assists. This ended the series of losing streaks the team suffered in the game to get a spot in this season’s playoffs.


Tim Fuller/USA Today Sports/Reuters

The score of 99-83 brought the Pistons closer to the playoffs. The team needed that win to have them prepared for the six-game road trip at the Little Caesar’s Arena in midtown Detroit. The victory was crucial to take them closer to the all-six games facing the Western Conference players.

During last Friday’s game, Chicago has the midway advantage of 39-29 all through the second quarter. Piston however, was able to catch up in the following 2 ½ quarters taking the lead of 26 points.


ESPN covered the news with Pistons coach San Van Gundy saying, “I thought our defense was pretty good all night, but the offenses didn’t really get going until the second quarter. After that, we played really well.”

Piston’s small guard James Ennis said, “We had to get this one, just to give ourselves some confidence going on the road. We didn’t have a great start, but we focused on stringing together some stops and making some shots.”


All throughout the seasons, Pistons had 10 losses of the 12 games vying for the Eastern Conference spot for the playoffs. Reggie Bullock contributed 21 point and Andre Drummond scored 17 rebounds making the Friday game the team’s first lead at the top.

Griffin was able to gain scores on his free throw during the 1.1 seconds remaining on the first half bringing the score to 49-47. But the Bulls were able to take lead accumulating 10 points on the second quarter of the game.

Detroit was able to take the lead during the third quarter with Griffin and Bullock scoring 10 points together in a run. The Pistons will be battling the Utah Jazz on Tuesday for their preparation start of the six-game road trip.