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The Best Sliding Tackles In Soccer’s History

The sliding tackle is a dangerous play. Get it right, and you win the ball and the adulation of the fans. Get it wrong, and you can seriously injure an opponent and get sent off from the field. All of these players got it very right indeed. Check out the best sliding tackles in soccer’s history.

Alessandro Nesta Glides In


This is sheer class. Nesta just appears out of nowhere to swipe the ball away from his opponent. It has to be seen to be believed.

Philipp Lahm Reverse Slides


A slide tackle? Not hard enough, said Philipp Lahm as he went in backward to take the ball from Rakitic. This is soccer in style.

Steven Gerrard Takes Charge, Twice

Give Me Sport

Steven Gerrard shows Phil Jagielka why Chelsea spent so long chasing his signature — this is two slide tackles for the price of one, and they’re both perfect.

Alessandro Nesta Does Lionel Messi


Messi doesn’t come out worse very often, but Alessandro Nesta is a pure hero here as he relieves the world’s best player of the ball.

Robert Pires Fleeces Partick Vieira

Sky Sports

It’s a little harsh when you have to play against the team you used to captain. It’s even harder when one of their defenders plays you like a fiddle. Pires has the better of Vieira by a mile here.

Joe Cole Gets Spanked By Scott Parker

Cottagers Confidential

You cannot fault Scott Parker’s commitment as he comes up against a great Premiership player in the form of Joe Cole — he snakes the ball away in glorious style.

Ledley King Rakes It From Arjen Robben


Arjen Robben is one of the game’s all-time greats, but he was having a bit of an off day when Ledley King robbed the ball in an instant.

Daniele De Rossi Takes On Germany


Is it his wonderful collection of tattoos or his indomitable presence on the field that makes De Rossi the man? After this display against Germany, you have to say that his football skill does the talking.

Vieira Plays Through To Henry


Vieira was on the receiving end of one of our tackles, but he was also quite capable of handing them out and then playing through for an assist to Thierry Henry.

Kurt Zouma Shows How It’s Done


This monster slide tackle comes from Kurt Zouma playing for Crystal Palace in the Premiership. Chelsea must have been furious, but it is a perfect example of good defending.

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