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Here’s Why The Bears-Packers Rivalry Is So Heated

These two teams have always gone at each other hard. So what started it all, and what’s led to the epic showdowns between the Bears and Packers on the field? These 10 heated moments are our decade-by-decade picks for the finest hours that define this intense NFL rivalry.

1921, When It All Began

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The rivalry began when the Bears demolished the Packers 20-0 in the teams’ first ever encounter in Chicago. Back then, the Bears were still called “The Staleys.”

1930, The Longest Run

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The Packers won their fifth consecutive game against The Bears in September 1930, 7-0. This remains the longest winning streak that either side has achieved against the other.

1941, The First Playoff Meeting


In this first playoff meeting, the Bears won comfortably with 33-14. It wouldn’t be until 2010 that the two teams would face each other again in the playoffs.

1955, The Season’s Highest Scoring Game


The passion must have been running high in 1955 when the two teams pulled off the highest scoring game of the season. The Bears beat the Packers 52-31, but it was a closer fight than the scoreline makes it sound.

1964, The Free Kick Game

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The “Free Kick Game” is called that because the Packers insisted on applying the “Fair Catch Kick Rule” and it made the difference. They won 23-12 over the Bears.

1971, The Lowest Score Ever

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Perhaps the worst exhibition match in football history? Bears 2, Packers 0 and egg on everyone’s faces. For these rivals, 1971 will be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

1985, The Refrigerator Debuts

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It’s fair to say that when the Bears beat the Packers 23-7 in 1985, the most memorable part was the debut of William “The Refrigerator” Perry.

1997, The Closest Game Of Them All

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The Packers squeaked past the Bears 24-23 in October 1997. An incomplete pass from Chicago’s Chris Penn in the closing minutes gave the game away.

2006, The Bears Hand Out A Spanking

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The Bears’ coaching staff was under fire for having a “conservative” offense that year. Yet, the Bears still blasted the Packers into smithereens 26-0. Ouch.

2014, A Packer Led Mismatch

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The Packers won 55-14, their biggest margin of victory since 1962. This is the most exciting moment of this decade so far… but there’s plenty more to come as these two NFC North rivals keep going at each other.

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