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10 Ballparks Where The Most Home Runs Are Hit

Not all home runs are equal. Depending on the stadium, sluggers either salivate at the thought of a smaller outfield or go in just hoping for a base hit. These are the 10 ballparks that have proven to be the easiest places to knock a baseball out of the park.

Citizens Bank Park


Sluggers love their at-bats in Philadelphia. To give you a sense of how frequent home runs occur here, 2.16 were hit per game in 2012.

Minute Maid Park


Minute Maid Park is set aside from other parks by its abnormally small porch (315 ft), which invites tons of home runs over the season.

Chase Field


Despite the intense Arizona heat, hitters look forward to coming to Chase Field. The ballpark was home to 2.15 home runs per game in 2012.

Miller Park


Milwaukee’s Miller Park sees tons of home runs every year. In 2012, it was home to a total of 230 for the season–and that was without Prince Fielder.

Yankee Stadium


When the new Yankee Stadium was built, it was done so with home runs in mind. In 2012, it just bested Miller Park, hosting a season total of 231 home runs.

Globe Life Park


The Rangers’ ballpark hosts consistently high counts of home runs. In 2012, Globe Life Park was home to just under 2.5 home runs per game.

Camden Yards


2012 was a particularly eventful year for Baltimore Orioles fans. Their ballpark, Camden Yards, was home to a stunning 2.78 home runs per game.

Great American Ballpark


Over the years, Cincinnati’s Great American Ballpark has proven to be a reliable place for high home run totals. Since it opened in 2003, its averaged around 200 home runs per season.

Guaranteed Rate Field


You might not expect the windy city to host too many home runs, but in 2012 it did. Guaranteed Rate Field 229 home runs for the season.

Coors Field


In 2012, Colorado’s Coors Field was home to one of the largest home run counts per game. Rockies fans witnessed 2.7 home runs per game at their home field.

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