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Authorized Tom Brady Championship Ring is Up for Auction

A Tom Brady facsimile Super Bowl LI championship ring was put up for auction on Friday.

According to Goldin Auctions’ Ken Goldin, the ring was one of those that have been authorized by Brady to be made after last year’s victory.  The ring was consigned by its owner, who opted to not be identified.

The players’ rings are paid for by the championship team. However, the players have the liberty to authorize family and friends to buy rings that look like exact replicas.

The Brady ring that has been put up for auction has 260 diamonds, while the actual rings that were given to Brady and other players of the New England Patriots have 283 diamonds each. According to Goldin, the ring being auctioned is ten percent smaller than the original. However it has an identical engraving.

The ring’s gold and gem stones alone are valued at $29,700. The person who wins the auction will receive the insurance certificate that was prepared by Jostens, the ring maker, for Brady.

The last day for the auction is February 17.

Goldin said, “This is the first Brady award that has ever come to market. He never lets things go and nobody from his inner circle has ever given up something like this.”

Brady is known for keeping his own memorabilia. In fact, when his Super Bowl LI Jersey went missing, he had it investigated by the police and FBI. Later on, it was recovered from a journalist.

Goldin also mentioned that he is expecting the ring to be a six-figure item. A Los Angeles Lakers 2000 championship ring, which was given by Kobe Bryant to his father, was sold by Goldin for $173,102 in 2013.

There has already been an original Super Bowl LI player sold before. David Kohler, founder of SCP Auctions, has sold one for $75,000 at a private sale.