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Rejected! Athletes’ Social Media Fails

Rejected! Athletes’ Social Media Fails


Social media is all fun and games until your direct message or Tweet is shared with the world. For these athletes, posting on social media did not go as planned, and using Instagram and Twitter proved more perilous than anticipated. Here are some of the biggest athlete fails when it comes to sharing thoughts on social media and sliding into DMs (direct messages).

John Elway

Peyton Manning had just retired and Brock Osweiler was down in Houston. The Broncos were in dire need of a quarterback, so they turned to the only man capable of saving a franchise, Mark Sanchez. When General Manager John Elway signed the former 5th overall pick, he took to Twitter to let the diehard Bronco fans know.

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He claimed Sanchez would “compete,” brought “veteran leadership,” and was the “1st step in our process.” Sanchez was none of those things and more. He didn’t even make it to the regular season and was cut before ever competing for a starting job or providing that much-needed veteran leadership. Check Elway for CTE, please, before he signs another Sanchez-esque QB.

Dan Gilbert

Captain Comic Sans back at it again with the social media fails. Back in 2012, Cavs owner Dan Gilbert Tweeted a random photo of an empty roll of toilet paper. Maybe that was his way of summarizing how the Cavs’ 2018 season has gone: sh*tty.

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Gilbert then tried to follow up his unexplainable post by claiming he didn’t even have the photo in his camera roll! How crazy is that! Suffice it to say that Gilbert’s Tweet was equally bizarre as his choice to use the Comic Sans font in a rebuttal letter to LeBron James after the King left Cleveland for Miami.

Kevin Durant

Digging up old Tweets can be a lot of fun. It can unearth some hidden gems that are relevant again after lying dormant for years. In Kevin Durant’s case, Twitter has taken a life on its own, and we could probably write an entire article on his Twitter saga.

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But when LeBron joined the Heat, Durant and his Twitter fingers became active. Enraged even. He bashed the move and lambasted players for joining super teams. He wanted the NBA to stay competitive and fresh. Those are all good points if they had come from anyone but K.D., the man who signed with Golden State to create the greatest single team the NBA has ever seen. Say it with me, H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E.

Jalen Ramsey

Jalen Ramsey is very familiar with putting other people on blast. Just look at the laundry-list of quarterbacks he tore into during the off-season. So it was high time for the lockdown corner to get intercepted himself. And just like a Blake Bortles pass, Ramsey’s attempt at sliding into the DMs (direct messages on social media) of a Jags fan was intercepted.

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Not only did Ramsey not get the date he was presumably looking for, he got absolutely torched in the process of rejection. The fan, Samantha Dagher, conveniently reminded Ramsey that the star cornerback just recently had a baby and a girlfriend. Jalen didn’t take that friendly reminder so kindly and promptly blocked the fan he reached out to.

Matt Flynn

As a backup to Aaron Rodgers, Matt Flynn showed brief flashes of potential, but nothing more. Yet, for reasons unknown, the Seahawks coveted the perennial backup QB and signed him to a three-year, $26 million contract. Pegged to be the starter or a solid bridge QB, Flynn was neither.

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He lasted one year and spent that year on the bench backing up then-rookie Russell Wilson. Thankfully, Flynn understood that he essentially robbed the Seahawks and was lighthearted in his Tweet. The Tweet he was referencing happened to be Brock Osweiler’s major contract with the Houston Texans, and as many of you know, that move also didn’t pan out.

LeBron James Part 1

Heidi Hoback is an Instagram model and hunter. She reels in hundreds of thousands of likes on her posts and catches big trophy game, but it was NBA star LeBron James doing the hunting this time. The story goes that Heidi was on a little hunting excursion when LeBron proposed that Heidi teach him how to hunt in exchange for a few basketball lessons from the King himself.

funny tweets and messages

But this move was no slam dunk and Heidi swatted it far into the stands. However, a whirlwind of controversy ensued because people misinterpreted Hoback’s use of the word “buck.” Heidi addressed the media and cordially invited LeBron to a hunting excursion, should he actually want to learn how to shoot things other than basketballs.

Mike Tyson

The great Mike Tyson may have been hit in the head one too many times as a professional boxer. After the University of Connecticut Women’s Basketball team won their unprecedented fourth-straight National Championship, Tyson took to Twitter to congratulate the victors.

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The problem was, Tyson had no clue who won the game and gave the University of Cincinnati a shout out. First and foremost, the University of Cincinnati has never won a National Championship. Besides getting the winner completely wrong Iron Mike misspelled Cincinnati, and a few minutes after his comical Tweet, he deleted it. Talk about a swing and a miss.

LeBron James Part 2

LeBron James may be very good at basketball, but apparently he’s not too good at learning from his DMing mistakes. That’s because after his Heidi Hoback hunting debacle, LeBron took to Twitter to slide into Instagram model Rachel Bush’s DMs.

funny tweets and messages

The problem is Rachel Bush is married to then-Browns safety Jordan Poyer. The other problem is LeBron was, and still is, married to his high school sweetheart. Bush must have learned some aggressive football moves from her husband because she tackled the message head-on. She immediately took to social media to post about LeBron’s second missed attempt at a successful slide.

Willson Contreras

He’s an all-star catcher and World Series champion, but Willson Contreras’ social media game is no home run, and that’s because it was Mia Khalifa doing the blocking of the plate at Contreras’ expense. To be fair, Khalifa is one of the most notoriously challenging Instagram celebrities when it comes to successfully hooking a date.

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She’s a sports fanatic but is very selective about who she chooses to get romantically involved with, that is when she’s off camera, and Contreras was just cannon fodder here. What made this embarrassing situation even worse was Contreras didn’t understand the classic baseball rule of three strikes and you’re out. After his third strike, the man kept swinging and he kept missing.

Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz is a fairly mobile quarterback with an innate ability to escape the rush. What Carson Wentz wasn’t able to escape from was a bathroom. Apparently Wentz was at a New Jersey gas station (first mistake, going to Jersey) when he became locked inside the bathroom.

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Thankfully, Wentz is a man of faith and used his allegiances to the heavens to summon two people. One man with some garden shears and another man with a swift leg kick. The two combined forces and freed the trapped Eagle, allowing him to safely return to his nest. Since then, there have been no more reported bathroom incidents.

Stevie Johnson

As a receiver for the Buffalo Bills, Stevie Johnson garnered a bit of fame. He had three-straight 1,000-yard seasons, but there was a direct correlation between Stevie’s ego inflating and his production falling. Eventually, his production fell and he reverted to his old self, a receiver who didn’t too much on the field.

funny tweets and messages

Thankfully, Stevie was blessed with a sense of humor. One he was able to show even during his decline. One of his greatest Tweets alluded to Gillette stadium, and its associated home field advantage for the Pats, being taken out in a hypothetical war with North Korea. What Stevie Johnson failed to realize was that the New England’s dominance over the Bills wasn’t stadium dependent.

Chad Kelly Part 1

Chad Kelly is another member of the dubious “Double DM Fail Club.” His first failure came at the hands of Mia Khalifa. Let it be known that Mia is a die-hard Florida State fan, and testing her allegiances to the Seminoles is usually a dangerous venture.

funny tweets and messages

And when Chad Kelly went after her and invited her to an Ole Miss versus FSU game, he got a full dosage of Mia’s venom. Instead of getting a date with the adult film actress, he got the spear, and not just the tip, the whole thing. Mia embarrassed Chad and put it on the web for everyone to see, but one rejection from her apparently wasn’t enough, and the troubled quarterback went for his second QB sneak.

Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens have had a very strong defense over the past decade, but their social media game is downright deplorable. In fact, it nearly caused an international crisis. Baltimore was headed to London and decided to superimpose the Ravens logo on top of Queen Elizabeth II’s wrinkly face.

funny tweets and messages

However, in England, using the Queen’s likeness in any matter that isn’t of the utmost respect, is actually a violation of the country’s advertising policy and can land people in big trouble. The Ravens quickly deleted the image, but as one Twitter user noted, screenshots last forever. Personal foul, offending the Queen, 15-yard penalty and loss of Twitter account.

Chad Kelly Part 2

So, round two in the battle of the heavy weights. Chad Kelly trying to sneak into Mia Khalifa’s DMs and getting stuffed at the goal-line. After Kelly’s first attempt (which ended in an Ole Miss loss and rejection), the QB went after it again.

funny tweets and messages

In a series of horribly spelled and grammatically confusing messages, Kelly attempted to flirt by asking Khalifa what her profession was, even though she’s one of the most well-known names in her field. Suffice to say, the flirting was short lived, and Kelly was sacked again. A few years later, Kelly was arrested for trespassing. Clearly the guy has taken one too many hits to the head.

Jose Canseco

Jose Canseco is a clown who moonlighted as a baseball player. He’s most well-remembered for letting a fly ball bounce off his head and into the stands for a home run. He also gained some notoriety for his alleged steroid use and competing in a series of strange celebrity boxing matches. But it was his DM game that was a massive whiff.

funny tweets and messages

In three short messages, Canseco went from being incredibly thirsty to fully hydrated. He went from wanting to get a few more pictures of a random Twitter user to backing out faster than he’s ever stolen a base. If Canseco’s backing out was a 40-time at the NFL combine, it would be the fastest in history. Apparently the picture he received was not what he was looking for and scared him off or his girlfriend at the time found out about his little stunt.

J.R. Smith

Of course he said he was hacked. It’s the classic excuse athletes make after offering up a stupid tweet, and JR Smith is no stranger to social media gaffes. The 2017 NBA Finals was a trilogy, the third consecutive meeting between the Cavs and the Warriors.

funny tweets and messages

The series was rather bland, and the Cavs were soundly defeated in five games. But J.R. Smith did manage to add a bit of excitement to our lives when he Tweeted out “Cavs in 7” after losing a nail-biting Game 3. Alas, J.R. wasn’t the omniscient, three-point shooting wizard we thought he was, and the series quickly wrapped up afterward.

Le’Veon Bell

Le’Veon Bell is known as a patient runner with a plethora of devastating moves, but it was Bell himself getting devastated. He’s been blown up on social media multiple times for having side chicks, cheating, and getting girls pregnant, but it was Instagram model Karen Villarreal who really shut down Bell, denying him of a score.

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Bell, who had a child months before sending this message, reached out to Karen on Instagram, and what he got in return was as brutal to him as Le’Veon missing the entire 2018 season was to his fantasy owners. Villarreal scolded and chastised the back for making moves after just having a child with a “beautiful girl.”

Cardale Jones

Most people go to college for the education and the degree. It’s the ticket that opens the many doors of employment. But Cardale Jones did not go to the Ohio State University for school. He went for football. Cardale Jones was all about YPG (yards per game), not GPA.

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Cardale Jones was all about how many times he found the endzone, not how many times he found himself seated in a lecture hall. Jones was not punished for the Tweet and later made light of the situation after graduating from OSU. Hopefully he studied hard, because his NFL career appears to be short-lived.

Kristaps Porzingis

He’s known as the “Unicorn” around the NBA because he possesses a skill set so rare it’s almost unimaginable. What Porzingis doesn’t possess is a few good pick up lines. His basketball game may be a slam dunk, but his DMing surely isn’t.

funny tweets and messages

In fact, Prozingis’ game on social media is so weak that the girl he was pursuing went so far as to tag him in a picture of her kissing another man on Instagram. To make matters even worse, the girl he was salivating over was only 17 years old at the time. Thankfully, Porzingis backed off the pursuit once he was alerted of her age. Talk about getting your shot rejected.

Ray Rice

Ray Rice and controversy go together like cookies and milk. They are pretty much an inseparable tandem. Rice was pulled over in Maryland for having too dark of a tint on his windows. Following the incident, Rice took to Twitter to explain how he escaped the precarious situation. By doing so, he essentially told the world he gave the officer an autograph for a free pass.

funny tweets and messages

Bribery is not a good look. However, Rice later clarified that he first received a warning, then the officer told the former-running back how his son was a big fan. At that point, Rice, out of the goodness of his heart, offered him an autograph. Again, he clarified, he received no preferential treatment.

Duke Williams

Former NFL safety is out of the league, and Mia Khalifa, that one celebrity athletes can’t seem to get enough of, was apparently out of his league. Williams sent the adult film actress five-straight  messages without ever receiving even one response in return.

funny tweets and messages

Then out of the blue, Khalifa replied with the hardest hit Williams has ever received. She not only rejected his proposal to hang out in Miami, but she then informed Williams that she and her boyfriend, who was exceptionally talented after dark, would already be in Miami. She also alerted Williams that entering her DMs is a dangerous game that usually doesn’t end well: “Warning: Trespassers of my DMs will be shot and hung out to dry in public.”

Chandler Parsons

How did Chandler Parsons manage to sign a three-year, $46 million dollar deal with the Mavs? Luck. Lots of it. But it was luck that he didn’t have when he fruitlessly pursued Houston-based dancer Mariah Corpus. Chandler Parsons Twitter game is eerily similar to that of J.R. Smith’s, direct and blunt.

funny tweets and messages

On just his second tweet, Parsons went for the phone number, a bold move that didn’t pan out. Corpus, for reasons unknown, posted the screenshot of her brief conversation, but it would be Parsons who got the last laugh when he posted a cunning and witty tweet directed at Corpus.

Eli Gold

Ok, he’s not a professional athlete, but he is the voice of Alabama football, and although it may sound great on the air, his Twitter game is anything but smooth. And despite Gold being a married man, his lust was too strong to prevent him from sending four-straight messages to a Tennessee fan, one of Bama’s chief rivals.

funny tweets and messages

The cascade of messages started with an un-replied tweet and evolved into Gold divulging information about where he was staying and how attractive the woman looked in her new profile picture. From the SEC officials: “Personal foul. Creeping on Twitter. Fifteen-yard penalty and loss of internet access. Loss of down.”

Joel Embiid

Joel Embiid is one of the NBA’s greatest trash talkers. He’s more fluid with his mouth than with his feet or hands. If you thought his dunks were powerful, weight til you see his Twitter and the earth-shaking disses he spits out. He’s also very active in recruiting high profile celebrities, like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian.

funny tweets and messages

As one famous saying goes, “Luck favors the bold.” And that is the exact approach Embiid took to trying to arrange a date with Kim Kardashian. Embiid claims he didn’t know she was married, but that is about as believable as Tupac being alive and his death being a manufactured ploy from the Illuminati. Either way, Embiid backed off quickly, lest he face the wrath of a scathing Kanye West tweet.

LeGarrette Blount

Known as a bruising back, LeGarrette Blount hits the hole with ferocity. But he wasn’t able to squeeze through and reach a random girl on Instagram. That’s because the girl’s boyfriend caught wind of Blount’s attempted courting and ousted the running back to the public.

funny tweets and messages

The boyfriend met the back head on and stood him up, calling him out online. But Blount, like a good running back who always keeps their feet moving, kept on going. He then offered to fly the girl to Philadelphia to watch him play, and that message too was intercepted and broadcasted to the public.  The girl, boyfriend, and girl’s brother all had a good laugh at Blount’s expense.

Dwight Howard

Mr. Howard has been passed around the NBA more than a bottle of whiskey gets passed around by a group of friends at a campfire. Dwight Howard has also been one of the biggest disappointments in recent memory, and his Twitter game is just as sad.

funny tweets and messages

Apparently Dwight kept venting to one of his friends on Twitter about the Magic’s treatment of him. And apparently that friend kept posting screenshots of Dwight’s messages online, and Dwight finally got fed up with him and told him to stop putting the messages online. Finally, Dwight is taking a stand and asserting himself, something he hasn’t been able to do in the paint.

Paul Bissonnette

Two of the most obnoxious sports commentators on air today. Go! Correct, Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith. They blabber back in forth, wine, complain, use highfalutin vocabulary to convey a convoluted message, and generally just have some of the worst arguments on television.

funny tweets and messages

Seriously, these guys draw the ire of nearly everyone who has ever watched them, but it wasn’t until former-NHL winger Paul Bissonnette came up with a viable solution to the Skip/ Stephen A. Smith problem. The solution according to Paul is torture. Simply place someone you need to extract information from in a room with these two jabbering about the Cowboys and Dak Prescott, and the information will become available in a matter of seconds.

Troy Aikman

Ah, how technology doesn’t seem to favor the elderly. In this case, Troy Aikman is the elderly man in the story who simply couldn’t adapt with the times and become technologically literate. That’s because Troy thought that to DM someone, you simply needed to put the @ symbol in front of their name.

funny tweets and messages

Nope Troy, that isn’t how it works, and when he did that, he made what should have been a private tweet go public. Thankfully, the person who Troy intended to DM, Mari Morrow, took his errant pass at a DM in stride. Safe to say, Troy has laid off the DMs and is leaving social media dating and flirting to the younger generation.

L.A. Kings

Despite once trading for Wayne Gretzky, Los Angeles isn’t known as the greatest hockey town in North America, but what they do have is the NHL’s greatest Twitter account. When L.A. squared off against New Jersey in the 2012 Stanley Cup Finals, they were facing an uphill battle as the underdogs.

funny tweets and messages

But the boys from Southern California pulled off the upset and won the series, but most famous part of the series took place off the ice. That’s because L.A. employs a hilarious full-time social media manager. The manager devastated the state of New Jersey by calling out the state’s official sport: fist pumping.

Darnell Dockett

Darnell Dockett was one bad dude on the gridiron, racking up three Pro Bowls and solidifying himself as one of the best interior defensive linemen at the time. What Dockett wasn’t great at was Twitter. Either it was a joke or a mistake, but Dockett tweeting out his phone number and actively pursuing A.J. McCarron’s then-girlfriend, Miss Alabama Katherine Webb, was just plain strange.

funny tweets and messages

What’s even stranger was Dockett’s back-and-forth online banter with McCarron after the quarterback won his second national championship as a member of the Alabama Crimson Tide. Thankfully, McCarron didn’t get too possessive about Webb and took the whole thing in stride.