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Anthony Barr Accuses Aaron Rodgers of Lying: ‘He Lied to You All’

Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr accused Aaron Rodgers of lying on the events leading to the incident that sidelined the Packers quarterback until December at least.

Aaron Rodgers was a guest on a “Clueless Gamer” segment from Conan where he revealed that he got 13 screws after breaking his collarbone while being tackled during a game against the Vikings. He didn’t specifically mentioned Barr but everybody knows.

During the segment, Rodgers claimed that Barr flicked him off and gave him the “suck it” sign.

However, in his Twitter account, Barr claimed that he didn’t purposely hurt Rodgers and wasn’t even looking in his direction until the quarterback started cursing at him. Following the play, he went back to the huddle and did not even say a word to the future hall of famer.

He heard somebody shouting profanities and when he looked, he saw Rodgers “calling me all kinds of names.” “F you this F you that as he’s walking off the field,” Barr wrote. “So naturally I responded. I don’t care if you Aaron Rodgers or Mr. Rodgers, if you say something like that you’re gonna get a response from me.”

Barr also said that Rodgers should stop talking about what happened because it’s been two weeks since the incident and he has already moved on.

According to the report, the Packers are hoping that Rodgers will be able to return two months from now. He was placed on the injured reserve, which means he needs to sit out eight weeks before he can be activated. The earliest he can come back would be on Dec. 17.

The NFL ruled that Barr’s hit on Rodgers was legal so he wasn’t suspended or sanctioned. In the same game, however, he head-butted Davante Adams for which he was fined a little over $9,000.

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