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Ex-Football Player Anthony McClanahan Tagged in Wife’s Murder

Anthony McClanahan, who played with the Dallas Cowboys for a short time, was charged in the murder of his wife inside their condo unit in Park City on Nov. 2.

According to the report, a police officer saw the bloodied 46-year-old crawling on the ground outside the condo building. McClanahan then told a sordid tale of murder as three unidentified men reportedly barged inside their apartment and attacked him, his wife Keri, and their “baby.”

But investigators doubted his story and went back to the CCTV cameras only to confirm their suspicions. There were no attackers, and there certainly was no baby.

Prosecutors used the evidence and the police report to charge McClanahan with first-degree murder, which carries a penalty of life imprisonment. The former Bakersfield High School football star also faces a kidnapping charge after he took his eight-year-old son from his mother in Arizona without permission.

The victim’s sister, Heather Gauf, told police that there were instances of domestic violence between the couple. She recounted one incident when the victim had to travel to Utah to escape her husband.

McClanahan is currently detained in Salt Lake County prison, where he will remain while his trial is ongoing. First-degree murder is a non-bailable offense.

The Salt Lake Tribute reported that it was a resident of the condo complex who called the police at 1:27 in the morning to report about somebody crawling along the corridors. The police sergeant, who was the first to respond to the scene, recalled that he arrived three minutes later because he happened to be on patrol.

The officer saw the barefoot McClanahan on the ground with wounds on his face, wrist, neck and body.

The sergeant asked McClanahan about the location and name of the wife or the number of his apartment. But the former pro player refused to give more information “even when asked multiple times. They later found the victim’s body inside the condominium.