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Andrew Bogut Preaches Professionalism Amid Locker Room Trouble

Twelve-year veteran Andrew Bogut revealed that some of his teammates are frustrated by their playing time and all the talks of trade.

But the 33-year-old said that the players, particularly the younger guys, should only focus on things they can control and that’s to play hard everytime their number is called by coach Luke Walton.

“Pouting? Possibly. Guys are frustrated,” Bogut said, adding that the injuries messed up the rotation and that led to some frustration and disappointment.

“Everyone knows what is going on with the salary-cap situation next season and all that,” he said. “That is just distractions that we can’t let affect us.”

Bogut said that regardless of how the players like to be on the Lakers, being traded to another team is part of the business aspect of the league.

“So if that is distracting guys, that is going to be like that your whole career,” he said. “That is just the nature of this league.”

Just recently, rumors surfaced about the Lakers talking with the Dallas Mavericks to swap Julius Randle with seldom used defensive center, Nerlens Noel. Randle has been frustrated about being lost in the rotation of Walton as he lost his starting spot and scrapping for minutes in a very young team.

Following the recent loss to the Trailblazers, Walton talked to reporters and he revealed that some of the players were sulking. Before the game, he already prepared the players on how he’s going to experiment with different lineups because they would be tired on the second day of a back-to-back.

While the Lakers stayed competitive throughout the game against the Blazers, Walton saw some things he didn’t like. “I thought guys on our bench were pouting. I thought there was too much feeling sorry for ourselves as opposed to being professionals,” the coach said.