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ABOUT US, the sports arm of the Novelty Media network, isn’t just another sports news site. We focus on the culture that surrounds the games we love to watch. We’re about more than just scores and statistics. We keep fans fully informed and entertained with news analysis, athlete and lifestyle features, interactive content and much more.

You can count on for insightful takes on your favorite teams and players in any season. But beyond that, we believe our readers are more than simply spectators. We understand that sports are a lifestyle, because we’re part of it too. We strive to tell imaginative and engaging stories and enhance the experience with interactive polls and quizzes.

At, we know that sports are part of your life because we live it too. We’re bringing together sports + culture in a way you won’t see anywhere else. Find out the latest athlete entertainment news for those who live a sports-inspired life. We take you inside the game and behind the scenes to tell you the sports stories you can’t get anywhere else. You watch the games, we provide you the fun.

What is your favorite athlete from the past doing today? How do sports and movies intertwine? What are the stars of lesser-known sports doing to make a name for themselves? We try to illuminate all corners of the sports experience and bring you stories that go deeper than the final score.

All our stories are composed with a nod toward humor and a pictorial display that enhances the reading experience. Sports are visual and we look to capture our favorite players in dynamic poses on- and 0ff the playing field. is a growing community of passionate, knowledgeable sports fans – join us!


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John Altavilla is a contributor who spent over 30 years as a sportswriter with the New Haven Register and Hartford Courant before joining During his time in Connecticut, he was a beat writer for the Hartford Whalers, New York Giants and the UConn women’s basketball program. He has covered World Series, Super Bowls and Final Fours. His work has also appeared in The Athletic and New York Times.

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