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From Russia With Love: Wives and Girlfriends of the 2018 World Cup

From Russia With Love: Wives and Girlfriends of the 2018 World Cup


World Cup

Welcome to the World Cup, home of beautiful shots, pretty passes, and gorgeous … women. As if soccer players weren’t living their best lives already, they have some pretty gorgeous wives to boot.

Maybe it’s their money, maybe it’s their impressive physique, or maybe it’s just because they are such good guys; whatever the reasons may be, there is no doubting that these players know how to score.

With the 2018 World Cup in full swing, let’s jump off the pitch and into the personal lives of the world’s best players and have a look at some of soccer’s best-looking wives and girlfriends (WAGS).

Antonella Roccuzzo — Wife of Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is known as a prolific goal scorer that is mentioned alongside Cristiano Ronaldo as the world’s best player. His fancy footwork, killer passing and lethal shot have made this Argentinian a global phenomenon while playing for one of the world’s premier clubs: F.C. Barcelona. Messi’s private life, however, is much more guarded then the spotlight he commands on the field. He’s somewhat of a mystery man who keeps a small circle and prefers to spend quality time with family over living lavishly like many of his peers.

World Cup WAGs

Messi, the father of three boys, and his wife, Antonella Rocccuzzo, both hail from the same Argentinian city of Rosario, where they met as children. The official year that Messi began dating his childhood sweetheart remains unclear, but estimates have Messi and Roccuzo’s relationship in full-swing by 2009.

Fast-forward a few years to 2017 and the Argentinian power couple are tying the knot at an elaborate — although decidedly private — ceremony in their home country.  Prior to the wedding, the two Argentinian nationals had two children, with their third, Ciro, being born after the wedding.

Roccuzzo has used her good looks and associated celebrity status to gain some individual fame as well. Currently, she is a model for Argentinian fashion company Ricky Sarkany and has an Instagram following of 7.3 million. But don’t worry, the fame hasn’t gotten the best of her yet.

World Cup WAGs

One quick scroll through Antonella’s Instagram and you’ll notice that first and foremost she’s a loving mom that cares about her children. She’s not too shy about posting photos of the love of her life, either.

Despite Messi’s continued lack of success on the national stage — and remember for a country like Argentina, success is defined in World Cup titles — the small-sized striker is loving life as a Barcelona icon that’s happily married to his hometown sweetheart.


Noemie Happart- Wife of Yannick Carrasco

The devil is in the details, or the red dress.

For Belgian winger Yannick Carrasco, life couldn’t be much better. The 24-year-old is representing his native Belgium in the 2018 World Cup, where the Red Devils have had dominating performances en route to a first-place standing within their group.

World Cup WAGs

Outside of international play, the young Carrasco has suited up for one of La Liga’s top teams not named Real Madrid or F.C. Barcelona, aka Atletico Madrid. After a three-year stint playing for Madrid’s second-best team, Carrasco moved to China to play for Dalian Yifang of the Chinese Super League. Money talks and seems to speak Carrasco’s language. He’s making bank in China, where his stock is bound to rise.

This move, while seemingly hard on the surface, has been made easier thanks to the company of Noemie Happart, Carrasco’s wife and the Miss Belgium 2013.

The former beauty pageant participant boasts a rather underwhelming 80,000 Instagram followers, all of which get an inside glimpse of her love-life with Carrasco. Unlike other models on this list, with IG accounts strictly dedicated to their careers, Happart has no problem publicly displaying her passion for her husband.

World Cup WAGs

For those of you thinking that Happart is all beauty and no brains, here are a few tidbits about her life outside of the runway that will persuade you to think otherwise.

She’s an avid handball player and dance enthusiast who holds a degree in marketing and likes to party a bit too. According to Happart, she met her soccer-playing husband at a bar in Belgium and, despite not being too keen on soccer players’ egos, fell head over heels for Carrasco.

Ruby Mae — Girlfriend of Dele Alli

Ah, another English player who’s off-field relationship is just as successful as his on-field play. Dele Alli, a 22-year-old midfielder for the Tottenham Hotspurs, has watched his career and personal life skyrocket with each passing year. While most people aged 22 are just finishing school, contemplating which average apartment to rent or if moving into their parents’ basement is the right call to save some money, Dele is playing ink the World Cup and planning for his next vacation with his model girlfriend. I’m not jealous. You’re jealous.

World Cup WAGs

On the field, Dele is a talented goal scorer for the English National Team. During the 2018 World Cup, Dele hasn’t been able to fully get in on the action during England’s impressive run to 2-0. After suffering a muscle strain, Dele was forced to watch from the sideline as England manhandled Panama 6-1. Although that may seem like a massive blow to his spirits, Dele can find unlimited amounts of solace off the pitch. He’s in a serious relationship with English model Ruby Mae, a loyal fan of Dele and his crafty offensive game.

Mae, just 23, has risen to prominence in her native England and has 59,200 Instagram followers, a number that is steadily climbing. Currently, she is modeling for a new clothing collection based off California’s laid-back vibes. So chill, bro.

When she’s not doing photo shoots in some of the world’s top travel destinations, Mae and Dele have been spotted vacationing across the globe. Although this couple is still quite young, they seem to be handling the fame and fortunes well.

World Cup WAGs

Time will tell if the pair will last, but for right now this English duo is making their mark and keeping England relevant. The Three Lions haven’t won a World Cup since 1966.

Edurne Garcia — Girlfriend of David de Gea

Spain has a knack for great soccer and even better-looking women. Staying consistent with this trend would be David de Gea’s stunning girlfriend, Edurne Garcia.

Garcia, five years Gea’s senior, is Spanish singer, actress, and TV presenter. Her biggest crowning achievement, besides providing stability to one of Europe’s best goalkeepers, would be her 21st-place finish at 2015 Eurovision Song Contest, an original-song competition that brings the brightest talents across Europe together. Could Eurovision be the glue that holds Europe together? Maybe, because it definitely isn’t the less-than-amicable international “friendlies” on the soccer pitch.

World Cup WAGs

Outside of Eurovision, Garcia has been a staple for the Spanish music scene, recording top albums and being featured on a variety of singles. When she’s not on stage singing, Garcia can be seen on the television, appearing in numerous shows, often as herself. Her Instagram has 980,000 followers, paling in comparison to her boyfriend’s 9.9 million followers.

Manchester United’s David de Gea is also a hot commodity in Europe. This past season, de Gea was awarded the Premier League’s Golden Glove award, given to the keeper who records the most shutouts. On the national side, de Gea has somewhat struggled in the 2018 World Cup and, to date, hasn’t recorded a save, despite shutting out Iran 1-0.

At least we know that off the pitch, de Gea doesn’t seem to be having any problems, as his relationship seems steady and the support he receives from his girlfriend remains unmatched.  Now, go make Spain proud and save the damn ball.

World Cup WAGs

Polly Parsons — Wife of Thomas Vermaelen

There must be something about Belgian soccer players, because they seem to have an intrinsic ability to find themselves dating or married to some of the world’s best-looking women. Maybe it’s the fries. Maybe it’s the beer. But whatever it is, please share with us plebeians.

Arsenal. Barcelona. Roma. Belgium. For Thomas Vermaelen, conquering Europe is just another walk in the park. The 32-year-old center-back has been a captain and leading-figure on some of Europe’s best clubs for the past decade, and on the international side of things has been a staple for the Red Devils in the past two World Cups.

World Cup WAGs

Although the center back has formally left England on the soccer pitch, his connection to the crown is stronger than ever, thanks to his marriage to English actress Polly Parsons.

Parsons is best known as an English television presenter and actress who has starred in some of England’s leading television series. Prior to her marriage to Vermaelen in 2017, Parsons was in a multi-year relationship with English actor Sid Owen. The relationship spoiled and Parsons looked to find love with, shall we say, a more athletic man.

World Cup WAGs

Her wishes were granted in 2012 when she met Vermaelen at a star-studded party hosted by Robin van Persie. First off, congratulations on being on that invite list.

Five years later, the couple has two children and are happily married following their elaborate ceremony in Italy, which included some of the world’s best soccer players in attendance.

Today, this English celebrity has 23,400 followers on Instagram and, by the looks of things, appears to be enjoying Russia and the World Cup.

Amine Gulse — Girlfriend of Mesut Ozil

The rich get richer. If that wasn’t already abundantly obvious, just keep reading.

What does a 29-year-old midfielder who plays on the German National Team, is a World Cup winner, and Arsenal star not have? If you said supermodel girlfriend, you’d be so wrong.

Mesut Ozil is a World Cup winner and three-time participant of soccer’s greatest tournament worth a cool $50 million. He’s sponsored by Adidas and is considered one of Germany’s brightest talents. On the club side, Ozil is a key figure for Arsenal in England’s Premier League. Life for Mesut is pretty, pretty good.

World Cup WAGs

But what sets his life apart from other 29-year-old soccer superstars? Probably his girlfriend, Amine Gulse, the 2014 Miss Turkey winner.

Amine, born and raised in Sweden to two Turkish parents, currently resides in Turkey where she is a model and actress. Her social media accounts boast 1.4 million followers where she gladly displays her love for her boyfriend. And not to worry, this love isn’t fleeting. Mesut, according to news sources who devour soccer gossip, covertly proposed to his supermodel girlfriend. If you look closely enough, you can spot a ring on his finger.

World Cup WAGs

So regardless of how the defending champs do in Russia, we know Mesut will be walking away a winner.

Inna Zhirkova — Wife of Yuri Zhirkov

Russians. They know how to drink, have plenty of good-looking women, and are your hosts of the 2018 World Cup! And they are partying like it’s 1961, the year the Soviet Union became the first nation to put a human in space. But let’s leave orbit and return to earth and look at Yuri Zhirkov’s out-of-this world wife, Inna.

And for Russian winger Yuri Zhirkov, he can happily attest to a few of those Russian traits listed above. He’s one of the best soccer players in Russia and is a fixture on his country’s national team, where the Russians are off to a surprisingly good start.

World Cup WAGs

Outside of Russia, Zhirkov made it to the Premier League where he played for Chelsea for two relatively lackluster years. Following his departure from England, Zhirkov moved back to Russia, a move that has allowed the winger to hang out with his supermodel wife Inna Zhirkova a bit more.

Boasting 179,000 followers, Zhirkova is arguably more famous than her husband. She was the winner of Miss Russia in 2012, but had to relinquish the title shortly after winning it due to controversies surrounding her inability to answer simple questions, such as whether the earth revolves around the sun or not. For a nation so heavily invested in space during the Cold War, this is especially embarrassing.

World Cup WAGs

Fortunately, her looks, unlike her title, cannot be taken away. According to Zhirkova, she met her future husband at 17 and married in 2008, just one year later. They are proud parents of three children who are destined to make the Mother Land proud.

Sofia Balbi — Wife of Luis Suarez

Leo Messi’s teammate, Uruguayan national and a potent forward, Luis Suarez does more than find the back of the net for F.C. Barcelona. He finds himself constantly mired in self-induced controversies. Here’s a quick refresher course in Suarez’s tainted past.

During the 2010 World Cup, Suarez made a deliberate hand-ball to deflect what would be an easy goal from Ghana. He was promptly awarded a red card and ejected from the match. On the ensuing penalty kick, Ghana narrowly missed the net, somewhat redeeming the distraught Suarez who watched from the sideline.

World Cup WAGs

In the next World Cup, Suarez decided to take a bite of an Italian defender, drawing international criticism for a play that was simply uncalled for, and downright disgusting.

But besides finding himself amid controversy, Suarez managed to find himself a stunning wife in Sofia Balbi, the girlfriend he met at 15.

Back in Suarez’s home country of Uruguay, the current superstar who is worth around $50 million wasn’t having the ball roll his way, so to speak.

He was down on his luck after his dad left the family and was sweeping streets to help his family make ends meet. Then along came Sofia Balbi, the girl that may have saved Suarez’s career.

According to Suarez and those in his inner circle, Balbi has helped the goal scorer keep a level head, imploring him to channel his focus away from complaining and irritating other players to scoring more goals and being a better person.  To his credit, it does seem that Suarez’s act has cleaned up a bit.

World Cup WAGs

On Instagram, Balbi has one million followers and, when she’s not working on correcting her husband’s character issues, has a shoe company that was started with the aforementioned wife of Lionel Messi, Antonella Roccuzzo.

Natalie Jedinak — Wife of Mile Jedinak

This WAG comes from the land down under and is married to a scorer who can bring the thunder.

Introducing Ms. Natalie Jedinak, wife of Australian captain and Aston Villa midfielder Mile Jedinak.

Not much is known about the relatively private Natalie, but from what we can tell, she is deserving of her spot on this list.

Due to the lack of public information on her, it is strongly encouraged to see for yourself what exactly we’re working with here. What we do know is that prior to accompanying her blue-collar husband around England as a soccer wife, Natalie was a model in Australia.

Natalie, a blonde, seemed destined to connect with the black hair, bushy-bearded Mile, who has been on a long-fought journey to reach soccer’s Promised Land, England’s Premier League.

After being overlooked by many teams, the hardworking Mile landed a roster spot on Crystal Palace, a team that was, at the time, one level below the Premier League. Despite not initially playing in the top league, Mile persevered and guided his squad to a promotion to the Premier League.

World Cup WAGs

This was just the tip of the iceberg for Mile. Since emerging to the Premier League, Mile has made a name for himself on the field as one of the hardest working, grittiest players in Europe. At the 2018 World Cup, he earned the distinct honor of captaining his native Australia. Win or lose on the field, Mile will go home a winner, at least in the eyes of Natalie.

Andrea Duro — Girlfriend of Chicharito

With a casual 437,000 followers, Andrea Duro knows how to capture the spotlight just like her boyfriend, Mexican striker Javier Hernandez, commonly referred to as Chicharito.

Most of you will know Chicharito as Mexico’s all-time leading scorer, a fiery little player who can score at ease. When he’s not representing El Tri, the 5-foot-9 Chicharito can be seen playing in England’s Premier League, having represented Manchester United and West Ham United.

Off the field, Chicharito seems to be in a rocky, albeit passionate, relationship with Spanish actress Andrea Duro.

World Cup WAGs

The two lovebirds, although not strangers to the spotlight, have done a good job of concealing their relationship to the public. Despite constant rumors surrounding their status, how they met, when they became official, etc., the two have, for the most part, successfully deflected the press’ attempts at gaining insight into their personal life.

That leaves us — the fans of Chicharito and his model girlfriend — speculating and surmising based off cryptic Instagram posts and tabloid articles.

World Cup WAGs

But whatever the true status is between the two, Chicharito doesn’t seem to be overly concerned. He and his Mexican teammates shocked the world when they defeated heavily-favored Germany in the opening game of the 2018 World Cup. Mexico went on to win their second game against South Korea one week later, so whatever Chicharito is doing or not doing should stay the exact same.

Shakira — Wife of Girard Pique

Shakira Shakira. Quite possibly the most famous wife/girlfriend on this list, international icon and singing sensation Shakira is the ageless wife of Spanish defender Girard Pique.

These two celebrities are hands down the quintessential power couple of the 21st century, with each person dominating in their respective field.

World Cup WAGs

The Spanish’s World Cup victory in 2010 and UEFA Euro victory in 2012 most likely don’t happen without the stellar play of center-back Pique, one of the most decorated international players in the 2018 World Cup. With 100 caps under his belt and too many team and individual awards to list here, Pique has proven himself to be one of the world’s best players, and it’s only right that he would date one of the world’s best singers, at least when it comes to World Cup anthems: Shakira.

Her hips don’t lie, and she can be heard wherever, whenever. Shakira’s international presence dwarfs that of her husband and is one of the world’s most influential celebrities. Together, this singer/activist and soccer star command quite the crowd.

Her Instagram, for instance, has 48.7 million rabid followers.

World Cup WAGs

Oh, and the World Cup anthem Waka Waka, the catalyst for Shakira meeting her husband when he appeared on set for a role in the video, has been viewed over a billion times. Yes, billion with a b.

At the current rate, Shakira and Pique look to take over the world together by the 2022 World Cup.

Bruna Marquezine — Girlfriend of Neymar

The oft-injured Brazilian superstar Neymar may have a hard time staying on the pitch, but when it comes to his relationship with actress and model Bruna Marquezine, everything seems to be very healthy.

Neymar, considered a top player in the world, has been in an off-and-on again relationship with Bruna Marquezine, one of Brazil’s top actresses at the young age of 22. The couple have broken up numerous times only to find themselves back together again, deeply in the throngs of love. Their relationship seems to echo the course of Neymar’s career: Up and down, with amazing highs and devastating lows.

World Cup WAGs

But as of right now, Neymar is riding a happy wave, both on and off the pitch. He’s scoring for Brazil, is relatively healthy, and seems to be madly in love with his model girlfriend.

Brazil fans, accordingly, should be very happy about this. It appears that Bruna is a good luck charm for the talented goal scorer and can be seen publicly displaying her love for him to her 28.7 million Instagram followers.

As Brazil has struggled to find its stride at the 2018 World Cup, Bruna has taken matters into her own hands, posting encouraging photos of Neymar while rooting on Brazil from her phone.

World Cup WAGs

One could say she’s a keyboard warrior, but whatever she is doing seems to be working, both for Brazil and Neymar. In their most recent game, Brazil won decisively over Costa Rica 2-0, with Neymar once again finding the back of the net.

Izabel Goulart — Girlfriend of Kevin Trapp

It’s a trap!

German goalkeeper Kevin Trapp knows how to make a save or two. He’s a master in the art of stopping shots and is one of Europe’s premier shot blockers. But don’t think this goalie forgot the art of scoring. Currently, the Paris Saint-Germain keeper is dating international supermodel and Victoria’s Secret Angel Izabel Goulart.

World Cup WAGs

Izabel Goulart, folks, is a Brazilian model with a knack for dating some of the world’s top soccer players.  After moving on from Brazilian midfielder Marcelo Costa, Goulart’s thirst for dating soccer players remained unquenched. So, she patiently waited until and searched across the globe until she fell into a trap. This trap, however, seemed to be a blessing in disguise.

When Izabel isn’t cheering on her beloved boyfriend from the stands, one doesn’t need to search far or wide to find this ubiquitous model.

Appearing in 12 Victoria’s Secret fashion shows, numerous commercials, and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, Izabel certainly understands how to market herself. If that wasn’t enough evidence of her beauty, she was named to People Magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful People in the World in 2007.

World Cup WAGs

So what is clear after reading this? That Kevin Trapp understands how to secure wins and beautiful women. He might also secure himself his first World Cup title win.

Anna Lewandowski — Wife of Robert Lewandowski

It’s only fitting that the most prolific scorer in Polish history would have a wife with an equally impressive resume and kick.

Poland’s Robert Lewandowski and his cannon for a right leg have been scoring goals in droves in Germany’s Bundesliga, where he has amassed numerous awards, including Player of the Year, top goal scorer, and the Polish Athlete of the Year. He and his leg almost single-handedly guided Poland to the World Cup, where he scored the most goals in qualifying matches.

World Cup WAGs

His wife, Anna Lewandowski, may not play soccer, but has a nasty kick herself. She won the bronze medal at the 2009 Karate World Cup and, four years later, married Robert. The couple has one child who, more likely than not, will grow up with an amazing kicking ability. Sources still can’t confirm, however, how her womb did during the pregnancy.

On Instagram, this soccer-loving, karate-kicking wife has 1.8 million followers and is a self-proclaimed fitness enthusiast, keeping her followers in the loop on how to stay healthy and fit. Outside of Instagram, Anna has kept up with the trends and has released a fitness-based mobile phone application.

No wonder her husband continues to churn out goals at such a high rate.

World Cup WAGs

Georgina Rodriguez- Girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo

CR7. Cristiano Ronaldo. The GOAT. However you choose to call him, one thing will always hold true: Cristiano Ronaldo is a force to be reckoned with.

With a cannon for a right leg and a slingshot for a neck, Ronaldo is the world’s most dangerous goal scorer. His tremendous physical stature and amazingly deft ball skills make this Portuguese national a global icon.

World Cup WAGs

With the status that Ronaldo carries, paired with his almost-godly physique, one could imagine the amount of women throwing themselves in his direction. However, only one woman was able to break through and claim the title of Ronaldo’s girlfriend, and that honor goes to the Argentinian-born Spanish national Georgina Rodriguez.

The two apparently met at a shopping mall in Madrid, where Rodriguez was working a VIP event at Dolce and Gabbana. The verdict is still out on whether or not Ronaldo successfully found the man-purse he was originally searching for before the Spanish beauty caught his eye.

World Cup WAGs

Since the two became an official couple in 2016, they have welcomed a daughter into their lives and appear to be madly in love.

For Ronaldo, this is the first time where the mother of his child is actually known. Rumor has it that the three other children he has fathered are from surrogate mothers and were born in California. Who would have thought that Ronaldo would have such a hard time finding a woman perfect enough to have his baby. Thankfully, the days of surrogate mothers appear to be over for Ronaldo.









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