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A 2-Year Old Takes On Alex Rodriguez To Show He Has What It Takes

Do you want to be a baseball superstar? Well, you’ve got some stiff competition in the form of a two-year-old! Actually, he’s 22 months, and he’s going to be a big deal in the baseball world one day. You heard it here first.

Dads Play An Important Role Sometimes

Asher Willig is two months shy of his 2nd birthday, but he’s already impressing the world as the biggest toddler ever to be a hitter.


His dad was crazy about baseball when he was younger. He’s given Asher all the encouragement that it’s possible to give to help him become a child prodigy– and the results are absolutely incredible.

Just How Good Is This Kid?

He was 13 months old when he started to swing the bat for the first time. He was an astonishing 20 months when he managed to start returning soft pitches.


His dad says that he’ll be moving to overarm throws in a couple of months, but the video he made of Asher knocking the ball around has already attracted plenty of attention.

The Tonight Show And Alex Rodriguez

If there’s anybody who knows anything about baseball it’s Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez, who played 22 seasons of Major League Baseball. When Asher appeared on The Tonight Show, A-Rod was introduced to him, and he says that Asher has real talent. In fact, he can’t believe Asher’s throwing power as well as his swing. (We can only image what he’s going to be like when he’s three!)


Then Asher beat A-Rod in a batting contest. Though, to be fair to A-Rod, he was batting left-handed. Asher’s dad says that he’ll be keeping his son grounded and helping him to up his game over the coming years too. He wants him to succeed at any cost. This is one special almost-two-year-old.

See for yourself, it’s amazing:

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