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The Workouts That Keep Professional Athletes On Top Of Their Game

What does it take to make a superstar athlete so amazing? The answer is: hard work. The best athletes in the world have unimaginable discipline when it comes to their training. In fact, the workout routines that professional athletes follow are incredibly grueling. Check out these top athletes; you won’t believe what they have to do to stay on top of their game.

Usain Bolt Vomits From The Stress

Daily Beast

Usain Bolt spends a minimum of 90 minutes a day in the gym on top of his running program. He’s been caught on video vomiting from the effects of training as hard as he does.

Michael Jordan Warmed Up With 3 Hours In The Gym

Sports Illustrated

Nope, that’s not a typo. The basketball star’s warm-up alone was 3 hours in the gym. After that, Jordan would practice for 2 hours. Then he’d hang back with Scottie Pippin and play one-on-one for hours.

Tom Brady Jumped A Lot Of Rope


Tom Brady says that a lot of jumping rope made him fast and capable on the football field. Brady’s training started early, too. His teammates that when they arrived at the gym at 6 AM, Brady would greet them with, “good afternoon” as they filed in.

Kevin Garnett Is Always There First


KG’s trainer calls the NBA star the hardest working athlete he’s ever worked with. Garnett was even asked to stop showing up so early for training so that training staff could get some sleep on holidays.

Adrian Peterson Loves To Make Things Difficult

NY Times

Adrian Peterson has customized his own exercise routine to ensure that everything he does is harder than the standard version. He uses circuit training with varied movements including speed, agility, and conditioning exercises.

Michael Phelps May Be Superhuman

Cheat Sheet

It’s obvious that Michael Phelps’ training routine is insanely hard. The Olympic swimmer eats 10,000 calories a day and doesn’t have a spot of fat on him.

Evander Holyfield Went With Science


Holyfield was at a disadvantage when he started boxing. He had to fight men who were taller and heavier than him with a longer reach. So, he hired scientists to develop a program with three workout sessions daily (no days off, ever) to help overcome this.

Timothy Bradley’s Dad Pushed Him Hard

Boxing Insider

Bradley’s father made him work so hard as a ten-year-old child that people thought he was abusing his child. Apparently, Bradley works even harder now than he did then.

Floyd Mayweather Refuses To Share His Secret Sauce

MMA Junkie

The boxer says his success is simply due to working harder than anyone else. Mayweather’s public workout sessions are extreme – but he also does private workouts that nobody else knows the details of.

Kobe Bryant Just Kept Going Back For More

Business Insider

Kobe hit the gym before everyone else and then he’d practice with his teammates. But when they’d head home, he stayed behind and hit the gym all over again.

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