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10 Ways Vince McMahon Is Holding The WWE’s Women’s Division Back

Over the years, one of the biggest stories out of professional wrestling is the rise of female wrestling. The female superstars in the WWE have been gaining worldwide recognition for their skills. Unfortunately, their careers are being hampered by these 10 decisions made by WWE chairman and CEO Vince McMahon.

Overseas Troubles


When it comes to performing overseas, the Middle East is no place for any of the women. One major law in Saudi Arabia states that women can’t participate in any sort of sporting event. In 2017, Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss did make history by becoming the first ladies to wrestle in United Arab Emirates. In order to do that, they had to trade in their usual attire for something that shows no skin.

Photo Shoot Dilemmas


In the old days, photo shoots had more appeal than a women’s match. Today, photo shoots are still somewhat common, but they hold a lesser importance to the fans. Vince still believes that eye candy is a great way to attract people.

Only One Major Belt


Raw, Smackdown, and NXT each have one Women’s championship. Over the past year, there have been talks about bringing up a possible tag team championship for the ladies. Vince, however, doesn’t really see the need of adding another belt to their program.

No Headlining The Grandest Stage


Over the past couple of years, women have headlined a handful of PPV shows in the WWE. Since the iconic feud between Trish Stratus and Lita, many have wondered if women will ever headline WrestleMania. While Vince applauds the accomplishments of the women’s division, he doesn’t feel they’re big enough for that task.

No Show For Their Own


With many women on the roster, one would think a weekly all-women’s show would be wonderful. Unfortunately, Vince would rather throw them on the reality show Total Divas instead.

Poor Payment


It’s no secret that the ladies get paid a lot lower than their male counterparts. On average, most of the ladies gain a yearly salary of $80,000. Most of the lower-tier male wrestlers earn around $300,000 per year. Of course, that increases as their popularity rises.

Leave The Past Behind


You can’t really acknowledge past accomplishments with other wrestling promotions. For some of the ladies, this can hit them hard. In 2015, Kimber Lee became the first female to win a top male championship in a major wrestling promotion. When she arrived at NXT the following year, those accolades from publications such as Rolling Stone didn’t follow her.

Health Insurance Woes


The WWE doesn’t give any of their wrestlers health insurance. This slips by because the company sees everyone as independent contractors. For the women, this is a bit more damaging if they have a child while on their contract.

Paying Out Of Pocket


When it comes to getting to the next show, the ladies have to pay for their own travels. Many of them travel with other wrestlers in order to save money.

No Pitching Ideas


Have a great storyline idea for your character? Well, you can’t pitch them to the writers. Vince has a vision, and he’s not going to let anyone change his mind.

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