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Is Tom Brady Overrated? Arguing Both Sides

As Tom Brady keeps chugging along well into his 40’s, the debate continues over whether or not he’s the greatest QB of all time. Some sports commentators claim that his wins speak for themselves. Others call Brady a glorified game manager for the greatest coach to ever strap on a hoodie. Let’s take a closer look at both sides of the debate.

Argument: Tom Brady Nearly Biggest Loser Of All Time

The Patriots were only a few plays away from losing Super Bowl games against the Seahawks and Falcons. If they had, Tom Brady would be one of the most prolific losers of all time.

Patriots Wire

Counter: Football Is A Game Of Inches

On the other hand – if we’re talking hypotheticals – the Patriots were only a few plays away from winning both Super Bowls against the Giants. If they had, would there even be a discussion as to Brady’s status?

Sports Illustrated

Argument: Bill Belichick Is The Real Genius

Bill Belichick is the greatest coach of all time – there is no debate anymore. We’ve seen what Belichick can do with sub-par QB’s in the past, and Brady was just lucky to have him.

USA Today

Counter: Coach QB Combo

While it’s fair to attribute much of Brady’s success to his coach, we can’t give Belichick all the credit. Every great coach needs an elite QB to shine; these two complement each other.

Boston Globe

Argument: Brady Is A Cheater

“Deflategate” tarnished Brady’s reputation in 2015. Proponents of this argument say the Patriots have always cheated the system. The incident just finally exposed Brady as the cheater he’s always been.

New York Times

Counter: Deflategate Is Overblown

A couple PSI’s won’t make the difference between a mediocre quarterback and the best to ever play the game. Did Brady like his football inflation on the lower side? Absolutely, but that’s not enough to throw his whole reputation into question.

Bleacher Report

Argument: Patriots Performance Without Brady

Another feather in Belichick’s cap is the Patriots’ record without their star QB. In 19 games without Brady, the Pats went 13-6. That includes a season where Matt Cassel put up similar numbers to a healthy Tom Brady.

SF Gate

Counter: The Ageless Wonder

The previous argument is fair, but Tom Brady is aging like a fine wine. He seems to be getting better with age, whereas other great QBs have fallen off a cliff in their later years.


Is Tom Brady The GOAT?

One might say that Aaron Rodgers consistently puts up better numbers than Tom Brady. Or that Brady is just in a system that utilizes his strengths and stays away from his weaknesses. Some argue that Bill Belichick is solely responsible for Brady’s production. But they’re forgetting something…

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Let’s Count The Rings

Is Tom Brady the GOAT? He’s in the AFC Championship every year, the Super Bowl every other year, and looks like he’s going to play well into his 40’s. No other quarterback can quite match those claims. Tom Brady’s success is impossible to ignore.


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