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Tim Tebow Helps Give Family Biggest Surprise Of Their Life

Chip and Joanna Gaines are well known for telling heartwarming stories about the homes they renovate on their popular HGTV show Fixer Upper. The Copp family’s story is one that fans will remember for a long time.

A Family In Need

Melissa and Jody Copp’s two sons, 9-year-old Calan and 5-year-old Lawson, were born with a rare genetic condition that makes it difficult for them to walk. They purchased their home in 2016 with the help of an online fundraiser, but the realities of converting the home to be wheelchair accessible soon proved to be too much.


That’s where Chip and Joanna come in. The Copps contacted the show through the Gaines’ charity, the Magnolia Foundation, and were chosen to be on the show.

Tim Tebow Lends A Hand

The HGTV stars teamed up with former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow and transformed the house into an Americans With Disabilities Act-compliant home. They even added special touches just for the boys, such as desks for them to each do their homework at and a toy wall.


The surprises¬†didn’t end there for the Copp family, however. The Make A Wish Foundation surprised them with a wheelchair friendly backyard that includes a racetrack, playhouse, and supersized soccer field.

One More Big Surprise

Chip and Joanna were not done when the construction was over, either. Shortly before the episode aired, Chip posted a picture on Instagram to let their fans know that they would be taking donations with the express purpose of paying off the Copp’s mortgage.


Less than two days later, Chip made another Instagram post, this time announcing that the mortgage had been paid in full. As for the Copps, Melissa coined a new word to describe her experience, “Dreality: when you pinch yourself from your dream only to realize you aren’t dreaming, it’s real life!!!”

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