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Steve Alford Won’t Reach Out to LiAngelo Ball After UCLA Pullout

Bruins coach Steve Alford doesn’t think it necessary to reach out to LiAngelo Ball after LaVar Ball announced that he’s going to pull out the freshman from the UCLA basketball program.

When asked by the press if he intends on communicating with the former Chino Hills player, he replied, “Why? If they need to talk to me, they know where to find me.’’


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However, he refused to be baited into a word war with LaVar Ball, who earlier criticized the coaching staff for failing to watch over the athletes while they were out overseas.  “I’m not here to judge parenting,” Alford added. “I’m not here to judge how people do things. I just do my best that I can do as a coach and a teacher and we just keep moving forward.’’

On Tuesday, during the sit down interview with CNN, LaVar Ball said that the coaching staff at UCLA is being paid a handsome amount of money. He said they should be accountable for whatever happened to their players.


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“Coaches are making enough money. They’ve gotta hold some accountability,” he added.

Although the shoplifting charges were dropped against LiAngelo and two other UCLA players on the intercession of President Trump, the school has launched its own investigation into the incident. Meanwhile, the three freshmen were placed on indefinite suspension.

LaVar took offense to that because UCLA is punishing the players when “China already forgave the boys.” “You already sent a message. They already apologized,” the 50-year-old said. “What’s the big deal?”


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But Alford said he’s been coaching for close to three decades. He said that all the players already had discernment and were given less than two hours to explore the areas near the hotel where the teams are staying. The players were also told not to go out alone.

“I think they know what’s right and wrong,” Alford said.

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