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How The Steelers Won Super Bowl Ring No. 4 Was No Cakewalk

After earning three Super Bowl wins, the Pittsburgh Steelers had one goal in mind. Getting that fourth Super Bowl victory would elevate the franchise to new heights. As defending Super Bowl champions, they knew they’d have a huge target on their back. They certainly didn’t take their 1979 season for granted.

Draft Gone Wrong

Takashi Makita

Before the start of the fated 1979 season, the Steelers were stuck in a dilemma. Due to the team practicing with pads during the offseason, they had to forfeit their third-round pick in the draft.

Twelve Win Program

Malcolm Emmons

The Steelers’ season was off to a great start. After defeating the Colts on week four, the team earned 12 straight victories carried over from their 1978 season.

First Of His Kind


During a week 10 battle against the Redskins, Steelers halfback Franco Harris made history. He became the first person to run for 8,000 career yards in his first five seasons.

Playoff Hunters

Manny Millan

After shutting out the Bills in week 16, the Steelers earned a playoff spot with a 12-4 record. While this was their eight consecutive playoff appearance, they knew there were still challenges ahead.

Best In Their Division


For the Divisional Playoffs, the Steelers squared off against the Dolphins. With 20 unanswered points in the first quarter, the Steelers were hungry for another Super Bowl run. They went on to defeat the Dolphins 34-14.

Bitter Rivalry

Marvin Newman

The AFC Championship Game was familiar territory for the Steelers in more ways than one. They were up against the Oilers, who they defeated to go on to Super Bowl XIII. While the Oilers expected some vengeance, the Steelers were just too determined. The Oilers were defeated 27–13.

Got The Upper Hand

Heinz Kluetmeier

Heading into Super Bowl XIV, the Steelers were the clear favorites to win against the Rams. The Steelers didn’t let the press get to their heads, though. At that point, the Rams held a 12–1–2 record against the Steelers.

Two Quarters Of Relentlessness


The Rams showed no mercy towards the Steelers after winning the coin toss. By the time halftime came, they were ahead 13-10 thanks to a Frank Corral field goal.

The Big Comeback


The Steelers slowly tore apart the Rams’ offense in the second half. The Rams tried to combat this by intercepting two passes from Terry Bradshaw in the third quarter. The Steelers prevailed in the fourth quarter with 14 unanswered points to win it 31-19.

Four On The Floor


Pittsburgh was able to celebrate another victory for their town. Earning four Super Bowls as a franchise is a monumental task that very few can do. Eventually, the Steelers managed to add to their collection to become the winningest team in Super Bowl history.

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