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10 Side-Splitting NFL Memes From This Season

In recent years, football fans have found a new way to talk trash and celebrate their favorite sport in the form of memes. The latest NFL season came and went, with no shortage of creative and hysterical examples. This year in particular, there were so many good ones, it was pretty hard to keep up! Instead of searching Reddit and Twitter for hours, here are our 10 picks for the funniest football memes of 2017 to help you catch the highlights.

No Love For Cutler

After losing their quarterback in August, the Dolphins recruited recently-retired Jay Cutler. Predictably, fans jumped at the chance to playfully trash Cutler and his new team. But at least Cutler had an NFL job this season, unlike another former player on this list.


If The Vince Lombardi Trophy Could Talk

Fans of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” will know this meme references an emotional scene from the show. Will is trying to grapple with his father deserting him again. Mix that with the fact that the Falcons blew a 25-point league at the 2016 Super Bowl, and you get an instant classic meme.


Thanks For Losing

Football fans can thank the Detroit Lions for starting the Thanksgiving Day game tradition back in 1934. And what better way to say thanks than with a meme highlighting Detroit’s terrible Thanksgiving Day record (36-38-2)? But at least the Lions aren’t as bad as another team on this list.


Protesting, Or…

Before their historic Super Bowl win this year, the Eagles endured the typical onslaught of snarky memes. This one made light of the NFL National Anthem controversy in a clever way.


Is It Noticeable?

Peyton Manning has seen his fair share of memes commenting on his big forehead, but this was a new twist. The mental image of Manning dabbing so violently that he bruises his forehead is undeniably hilarious.


Keeping His Stats Up

Colin Kaepernick stirred up controversy in the 2016 season by refusing to stand for the national anthem, which led to his inability to find an NFL job this season. Naturally, this also led to memes speculating on Kaepernick’s new place of employment, including this gem.


Brady’s Bunch Of Rings

Tom Brady has appeared in eight Super Bowls, each of which can be summed up in a word or two. Fans can’t help but laugh, recalling when it was good to be a Patriots fan – and when Eli Manning was involved. Read on for more on the curse of Eli.


There’s Always Basketball Season

The Cleveland Browns haven’t been any good for a long time – but this season they hit rock bottom. On the bright side, they can only improve, right? If the next team on our list can win a Super Bowl, then Browns fans have to believe there’s still hope.


The Greater Of Two Evils

Eagles fans are among the most despised in the NFL. This meme captured the sentiment of many conflicted NFL fans heading into Super Bowl 52 and did so in hilarious fashion.


The Curse Of Eli Manning

Tom Brady must have nightmares about the younger Manning brother. Eli showed up to Super Bowl 52 as a spectator, proving that he only had to be in the arena for Brady to lose the game.


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