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Seahawks Dodge a Bullet, No Players Suspended After Sunday’s Melee

The Seattle Seahawks can breathe easy for now. The NFL did not issue suspensions against the players involved in the fracas with Jacksonville Jaguars and fans.


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However, the NFL is still completing its investigation into the incident, according to ESPN. After review, the league will likely hand down fines and potentially other disciplinary actions.

The fourth-quarter fight started when Seattle defensive linemen continued their rush on a kneeling Jacksonville. Both Michael Bennett and Leonard Fournette were flagged for unnecessary roughness. Sheldon Richardson, meanwhile, was ejected for punching somebody.

Quinton Jefferson was also ejected and got it on with Jaguar fans. He tried to climb up to the rafters after cups of beer were thrown at him as he continued to shout at the crowd.


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Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said that Jackson should not have done that. He also claimed that he already talked to the defensive end regarding his actions.

“Professional athletes, people can say whatever they want to say and that’s kinda just what comes along with it,” the coach said. “You have to be able to deal with it professionally and he lost it.”

Carroll also claimed that Jefferson regretted his actions because that’s not the kind of person that he is. “He (Jefferson) just emotionally got overrun and he lost it,” he said, adding that the player should take it as a learning opportunity going forward.

Talking to reporters afterwards, Jefferson said that he just can’t let people disrespect him. That’s when Bennett interjected and shooed away the reporters. Bennett said that people threw food at him like he was some kind of animal so he got angry.


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“He’s emotional right now. You win. You guys win,” Bennett added. “This what you guys want to see? You want to see him act in a certain way? Move out the way. He’s done. The man was disrespected.”

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