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10 Retired Athletes Who Stay In Stunning Shape

All too often, world-class athletes let themselves go after they retire from their sport. And we can’t blame them. They’ve spent most of their lives knocking out grueling workout routines to stay at the top of their game. But we’re always impressed when athletes can retire from their sport and still look like they’re in tip-top shape. Here are 10 athletes who work hard to keep their bodies in peak form.

Reggie Bush


Sure, Reggie Bush hasn’t been retired that long, but the former NFL running back is still in great shape. Whenever we see him, there’s no doubt in our mind that he’s still putting in serious work at the gym.

Jose Canseco


Former MLB slugger Jose Canseco looks like he can still knock a few out of the park. The 53-year-old is jacked. The only middle-aged retiree on this list that comes close to Canseco’s muscle mass is somebody who dabbled in multiple professional sports.

Miesha Tate

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Former MMA fighter Miesha Tate retired at the end of 2016 but continues to stay in ridiculous shape. If you have any doubts, check out her Instagram.

Karl Malone

Ronald Martinez

Karl Malone, “The Mailman,”¬†still delivers whenever he heads to the gym. Recently, Malone had a guest spot on a WWE program and looked as fit as ever. Of course, Malone isn’t the only 90’s NBA superstar to stay in shape.

Michael Jordan


It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that one of the most competitive NBA players of all time stays in shape. Whenever we see Jordan doing business-related press, it’s evident he’s still a gym-rat.

Floyd Mayweather

Jeff Bottari

It’s unusual for boxers to stay in great shape after they retire. But Mayweather continues to flaunt his fitness on his Instagram, which he posts on regularly. As impressive as Mayweather is, we’re blown away by the next athlete.

Gabrielle Reece


Reece is almost 50, but it looks like she can still go toe-to-toe with some of the world’s best in a game of volleyball. That competitive spark is something she shares in common with the next athlete.

Ken Shamrock

MMA Fighting

MMA great and WWE alumni, Ken Shamrock, still looks like “the world’s most dangerous man.” Even at age 54, he’s still looking for a good fight.

Michael Phelps

JD Lasica

Phelps retired in 2016 as the most successful Olympian of all time. You’d think the guy would take a break from working out. But he hasn’t–and neither has the next ultra-competitive athlete.

Herschel Walker


NFL great Herschel Walker stoked his competitive fire by taking up MMA. We’ve seen him lately, and there’s little doubt in our mind that Walker is still sticking to his unique workout routines.

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