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10 Professional Athletes Who Might Also Be Geniuses

Most professional athletes are recognized for their talent and ability in sports alone. Many people overlook athletes’ brainpower. However, there are quite a few super intelligent athletes who can claim academic achievements and have carved out careers outside of sports. Take these 10 of the smartest pro athletes – every single one of them is highly accomplished.

Joe Ogilvie, Golf’s Great Investor

Golf Channel

Former PGA Tour player Joe Ogilvie picked up a degree in economics from Duke University. In 2007, he founded Ogilvie Capital, an investment advisory firm.

Myron Rolle, From The NFL To Neurosurgery

NBC News

Before the Tennessee Titans drafted Myron Rolle, he was a Rhodes Scholar. Rolle earned a master’s degree in Medical Anthropology and will soon be practicing medicine as a neurosurgeon.

Shannon Miller, Olympic Gymnast And Lawyer


Shannon Miller is among the best American gymnasts of all time. After retiring, the Olympian earned her law degree from Boston College Law School and passed the bar exam.

Sócrates, Soccer’s Serious Thinker

PS Mag

Sócrates, a Brazilian soccer player, was a philosopher – like his namesake. He was also a medical doctor and politician, who formed a movement called “Corinthians Democracy.”

Shane Battier, Basketball’s Big Ideas Man


Former NBA player Shane Battier has a religious education degree. Battier has many talents: he speaks German, he’s a master of statistical interpretation of baseball data, and he runs an educational foundation for children.

Ryan Newman, Not Just A NASCAR Driver

LA Times

Purdue University graduate Ryan Newman earned his degree in Vehicle Structure Engineering – probably useful for a NASCAR driver. Newman also says his studies helped him communicate better with engineers on race teams.

Sarah Hughes, Figure Skater And Ivy League Grad

Digital Journal

Figure skater Sarah Hughes has been successful both in a tough sport and a tough school. Hughes not only won Olympic Gold, she also earned a degree in American Studies from Yale University.

Craig Breslow, Baseball’s Big Brain

Twinkie Town

Not only did MLB pitcher Craig Breslow graduate from Yale, he picked up degrees in both biochemistry and molecular biophysics! The “smartest man in baseball” also started the Strike 3 Foundation, a charity that raises money for pediatric cancer research.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Football And Smarts

Buffalo News

Professional football player Ryan Fitzpatrick is one of the smartest athletes to set foot on the gridiron. The NFL quarterback is a Harvard grad and he scored 1580 on the SAT standardized test.

Marion Bartoli, Tennis Genius

Phoenix Tennis Properties

Marion Bartoli is a bona fide genius, both on the tennis court and off it. Her IQ is a scale-melting 175, which makes her brighter than Einstein.

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