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The Greatest One-Handed NFL Catches Of All Time

You know what they say about big hands.

All the better to catch a football with, of course. It’s hard enough to grab the ball with both hands in the heat of the moment, but it takes incredible skill to do it with one. These NFL players pulled off 10 of the greatest one-handed catches of all time.

Micah Hyde’s One-Handed Interception


Micah snatches the ball from the air with one hand, turns it into his body and it’s a clean grab! An amazing moment of manual dexterity.

Max McGee’s One Hand To Touchdown

Brookston Beer Bulletin

Max McGee told his Packers teammates that he was hungover and hoped that they didn’t expect anything from him. Then he caught the ball one-handed and ran 37 yards for a touchdown!

Danny Amendola Goes Into The Air


There are one-hand catches and then there’s the amazing moment in which Danny Amendola goes airborne and snatches the ball single-handedly from the air.

Jarvis Landry: The Best Of 2015

USA Today

When you go in the air and go backward and still manage to snatch the ball, you deserve to win the best catch of the season. Which is what happened to Jarvis Landry in 2015.

Brandon Lloyd Is Incredible


Brandon snatches the ball back into play with one hand as it heads for the coaching staff. You can’t argue with his commitment here.

Brent Grimes Grabs It And Controls It Perfectly

SB Nation

This is one of our favorites. Brent Grimes pulls the ball down so expertly with one hand that it’s a better catch than most two-handed catches.

Brandon Gibson On The 22-Yard Reception


This was one of the moments of sheer football brilliance. It looks like Gibson has no chance at the ball at all until he reaches out and claws it in with one hand.

Chris Carter Gets Under It


We don’t know if this is our favorite catch but it is our favorite image of one. You can see how big Chris’ hands are in order to bring that down in one hand.

Marty Booker’s Last Minute Miracle


In no other one-handed catch does the ball get this close to the floor. Marty Booker’s timing here is truly incredible. It’s his left hand too!

Odell Beckham Junior Against The Dallas Cowboys


A one-handed catch is hard to beat but it’s the aplomb that Odell Beckham Jr. pulls of his catch against the Dallas Cowboys that makes it the all-time greatest.

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