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10 Olympic Venues That Look Like Abandoned Ruins Now

Olympic host countries often make promises to their citizens about the future use of the amazing facilities they build for the Games. The sad truth, though, is that many nations lose a fortune hosting the Olympics. They frequently can’t afford to maintain the grand facilities afterward. It’s unreal how different these 10 Olympic venues look today.

The Rio Media Center Is Gone

Business Insider

In Brazil, the Olympic Media Center was ruthlessly smashed into rubble. Then nobody bothered to clear the debris away, making it a truly sad sight.

Maracana Stadium In Rio Is Ruined

Malay Mail

This famous stadium hosted football at the 2016 Rio Olympics; now the pitch is browning and infested with worms. In January 2018, criminals fully looted the interior.

The Ski Jumps Of Sarajevo Are Wrecked


In 1984, Yugoslavia held the Winter Olympics. A decade later, the country would disintegrate through civil war. Today, its Olympics venues – like the ski jump shown here – have all gone to ruin.

Graffiti Covers The Bobsleigh Track Of Mount Trebevic


The bobsleigh track, now covered in graffiti, is another scene of Olympic venue destruction in Sarajevo. The track is also overgrown on all sides; it will likely never be used again.

Hitler’s Olympic Village Is Abandoned


Many of the destroyed Olympic venues on this list are tragic. However, it’s understandable that Germany has abandoned Hitler’s Olympic Village, which sits near the edge of Berlin.

Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium Was Blown Up


The 1996 Summer Olympics lead to the construction of Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium. By 1997, it had served its purpose; the owners blew it up to make way for a car park.

Olympic Golf Course In Rio Is Unused

IB Times

The golf course in Rio de Janeiro is still open, but few Brazilians play golf and even fewer can afford to use it. Just months after the 2016 Summer Games, the golf course began falling into disrepair.

Torino Olympic Village Is Now Home To Refugees

The Guardian

In 2006, the Olympic Village in Torino welcomed athletes from around the world. Today, the crowded apartments serve as housing for refugees with nowhere else to go.

Beijing Olympic Mascots Are Binned


Beijing National Stadium, known as the Bird’s Nest, has remained an attraction and will even be used at the 2022 Winter Olympics. But Yingying and other mascots from the 2008 Beijing Games were dumped on the site of an abandoned shopping mall development.

The Athens Aquatic Center Has No Water


The 2004 Athens Olympics cost $12 billion as the Greek economy was drowning in $500 billion of debt. Unsurprisingly, nobody is doing any maintenance at the aquatic center.

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