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10 Top NFL Players Who Lived Up To The Hype

Professional football is a tough game because so much of it is played out in the media. A college star can be hyped up to the max, but fizzle out when they join the NFL. That’s not what happened to these guys, though – they’ve all delivered on their early promise.

Andrew Luck: Seriously Hyped

Sporting News

The Kansas City Star called Andrew Luck one of “the most hyped amateurs in recent sports memory.” That story also mentioned Bryce Harper and LeBron James in the same breath. He’s good, but not that good. 

Cam Newton: A Huge Talent

USA Today

With the first overall draft pick and a Heisman Trophy under his belt, fans had high expectations for Cam Newton. By and large, he’s delivered.

Tom Brady: Pretty Terrific

Sports Illustrated

Tom Brady (or “Tom Terrific” if you’re one of his fans) was talked up to the max after his NFL debut season. Now, Brady has three Super Bowl MVP awards. It’s hard to argue with facts.

Peyton Manning: A Great Of The Game

Celebs Roll

It’s fair to say that Peyton Manning’s name is synonymous with NFL. So, yes, the hype machine said great things about the man. But the 5x league MVP gave more than 100% to the sport in return.

Herschel Walker: A Huge Star

NFL Alumni

His three All-American honors and a Heisman Trophy ensured that people would demand huge things of Herschel Walker. He didn’t disappoint and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1999.

Ndamukong Suh: A Controversial Choice

Bleeding Green Nation

Apart from having a hard name to spell, Ndamukong Suh is also a hard man. He’s picked up a ton of awards for his play, but Suh’s critics say he’s too aggressive.

Michael Vick: Popular But Free

Sporting News

Michael Vick’s college football put him third on the Heisman Trophy ballot. Since turning pro, Vick’s won a ton of fans. Sadly, he’s a free agent now.

Tim Tebow: Tore It Up On The Field

CBS Sports

Quarterback Tim Tebow did the business at the University of Florida. After being picked in the first round of the 2010 NFL draft, Tebow delivered for the Denver Broncos.

Todd Gurley: Ran For The Rams

USA Today

It’s possible that Todd Gurley might let us down in the future, but he did pick up the Offensive Rookie of the Year award in his first NFL season. So far, he’s making good on the initial hype.

Jadeveon Clowney: A Solid Defender

Battle Red Blog

OK, he was the number 1 pick overall in 2014 and hasn’t quite become the “elite pass-rusher” many hoped for. Still, Jadeveon Clowney has turned out to be a great defender all the same.

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