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The Rising NFL Player Who Quit… To Become A Neurosurgeon

Do you remember when you were young and they told you that you could do anything at all if you put your mind to it? Well, Dr. Myron Rolle is living proof that it’s true. He started out as a star on the football field but followed his passion into a completely different career. Here’s his story.

No. 1 Prospect

There is no bigger professional sport in America than football, and every young athlete dreams of playing in the NFL. Myron Rolle says that while he was keen to play, he didn’t want to be pigeonholed as a jock.


When he graduated high school, ESPN ranked him the number one prospect in the country. He didn’t disappoint.

A Career Of Expected Brilliance

Rolle’s freshman year of college at Florida State earned him a spot on the first team for the All-American and he would pick up honors for the second and third teams too. The FSU safety was also picking up honors off the field.

USA Football

Rolle completed his pre-medical requirements and earned his bachelor’s degree in just 2.5 years. Joining the NFL was guaranteed, but Rolle had more than football on his mind. In fact, the Rhodes Scholar delayed his professional start by a year, so that he could go to Oxford (in the UK) and study medicine.

A Medical Passion Was Born

Rolle fell in love with medicine at Oxford. Upon his return to the U.S., his NFL career did not go as expected. The Tennessee Titans picked up Rolle in the 2010 draft but they released him before he even got into the 2011 season. The Steelers then stepped in to offer Rolle a reserve contract but he was cut before the 2012 season.

The Young Empire

So, Rolle returned to his passion: medicine. In 2017, he graduated with a doctorate in medicine from Florida State. He’s just begun a residency at Harvard University and is expected to begin practicing as a neurosurgeon when he finishes!

Congratulations Dr. Myron Rolle, that makes you a star in our book.

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