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The NFL Finally Takes On The Hated Catch Rule

Games need rules; otherwise, most sports would just be a bunch of people running around enjoying disorganized chaos. However, not all rules are created equally. Many serve a valuable purpose but occasionally, a stinker comes along and everyone hates it. In recent years, that’s become the NFL catch rule.

What Is The NFL Catch Rule?

The “catch rule” on paper seems to be innocuous. It simply requires that when a receiver makes a catch, that they will be in control of the ball.


That “control” is defined by having two feet on the ground, or another body part in-bounds. Then following that, the player is required to deliver a “football move.” Basically, take another action that progresses the game.

Why Do People Hate This Rule?

The “two feet on the ground” rule is loathed universally. It makes very little sense in a game as athletic as football and fans find it ridiculous. They’ve been pressing to see a change in this rule ever since it appeared in 2010.


The NFL catch rule has also led to a few controversial decisions. Referees ruled that some catches were in fact not caught because of the lack of a “football move” by the player afterward.

Change Is Coming

It’s official. The NFL has agreed that the “catch rule” needs a complete overhaul. The league’s governing body has finally agreed to do this.

Crimson and Cream Machine

There will be a new verison of the unpopular “catch rule” coming soon. The exact wording isn’t ready yet, though. Furthermore, all 32 teams will need to sign off on it. Still, the general consensus is that the new rule can’t be worse than the current one.

That’s not to say that tossing out the catch rule won’t bring additional problems. There’s a widely-held expectation that it will result in more fumbles on the field. However, most see this as a small price to pay for more catches.

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