Where you came from ?! 35 Notorious Legends of NBA Trash Talk | Who's the foulest trash talker?
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35 Notorious Legends of NBA Trash Talk


35 Notorious Legends of NBA Trash Talk

There are so many reasons fans are drawn to the NBA. Monster dunks and no-look dimes on basketball’s biggest stage captivate the audience from tip-off to the final buzzer. One of the most underrated aspects of the game, though, is the relentless trash talking.
Nothing simultaneously elevates fans’ love and hatred for a player like his ability to sling a verbal assault. Mean mugging will only get a man so far against the toughest guys in the world, so enforcers must brush up on their vocab. Even the league’s top talent utilizes the technique to gain even the slightest mental edge over an opponent.
Be it subtle or in-your-face, these 35 notorious ballers have left an undeniable footprint on the history of NBA trash talk.

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