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Coaches Matt Nagy, Andy Reid Accept Blame for Chiefs’ Loss to Titans

Matt Nagy, the newly named coach for the Chicago Bears, took responsibility for the collapse of the Kansas City Chiefs in the game against the Tennessee Titans on Saturday.


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“There are scenarios when I wish I would have made some different choices with the playcall,” he told reporters during a news conference on Tuesday. “For me, that was a failure in my book. … I felt terrible for our team, for our organization. We put in a lot of good work.”

The Chiefs were rolling in the first half to score 22 points to the Titans’ three points. However, they failed to score a single point in the second half and eventually losing to the Titans, 22-21. They only managed 61 yards and three first downs during the collapse.

However, coach Andy Reid won’t have Nagy’s explanation. Based on his recollection, it was his fault that the Chiefs failed to close out the Titans. When he was asked for details on who was responsible for calling the offensive plays, he said, “[Nagy] called the good ones, and I called the bad ones. We’ll keep it at that.”


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Nagy, meanwhile, will have a chance to vindicate himself as he takes over the head coaching duties of the Bears, which finished 5-11 this season.

He’s also not a least bit worried about his performance going forward. In fact, he took the lessons from that game in Kansas which he can then apply to make the Bears a better team.

Bears general manager Ryan Pace welcomed Nagy during the introductory press conference on Tuesday even if he felt mixed emotions while watching the Chiefs completely choked in the second half. Pace also said that his confidence on the new coach did not waver one bit.


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“One of the things I love about Matt is his humility and willingness to come in and talk about that moment like he did. He owned it,” he said “I think that says a lot about him as a person.”

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