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Malcolm Butler Opens Up About Super Bowl Benching And The End Of His Patriots Career

There’s not much loyalty in sports today – or at least that’s what team owners would have us believe. NFL cornerback Malcolm Butler wanted to prove otherwise, but sometimes all the loyalty in the world isn’t enough.

Malcolm Butler Wanted To Start And Finish With The Patriots

Butler recently told Sports Illustrated that he’d been hoping to have a career like Kobe Bryant’s. He wanted to stay with the same team for his whole career, bowing out in front of adoring fans after his final NFL game.

Sports Illustrated

That won’t be happening for Butler, though. For anyone who watched Super Bowl LII, the reason why should be obvious.

Super Bowl Bench Warming

The Patriots signed Malcolm Butler despite his going undrafted in 2014. However, it soon became clear they were going to rely on him; in his first season, Butler brought them the Super Bowl. After that, Butler thought he could count on playing at Super Bowl LII.

Boston Herald

Instead, he sat on the bench as rumors circulated that he’d been benched for missing curfew. Butler vehemently denies this. He said, “During Super Bowl week I never attended any concert, missed curfew, or participated in any of the ridiculous activities being reported. They are not only false but hurtful, to me and my family.”

Butler Signs With Tennessee Titans

He says that he’s going to remain respectful of authority, but Butler feels that him being benched hurt the team and it’s why the Patriots came home without the trophy.

USA Today

He says it was also clear that he would have to move on for the sake of his career.

So, during the offseason, Butler inked a $61.25 million deal with The Tennessee Titans. He’s looking forward to putting the past behind him and letting his skills on the field do the talking again.

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