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Lonzo Ball Doesn’t Mind Who the Coach Is, Says He Will Play for Anybody

A day after LaVar Ball accused Los Angeles Lakers coach Luke Walton of losing the locker room, his son Lonzo Ball quickly distanced himself from the controversy.


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“He’s a grown man,” the 20-year-old point guard said of his father. “Like I said, he is going to say what he wants to say. I can’t [do] nothing about it.”

He also said the regardless of the coach, he will play for anybody because his job is to play basketball and not decide who the coach will be.

In an interview with ESPN, the elder Ball said that the coach has lost control of the team and the players don’t want to play for him anymore. His scathing criticism came in the wake of the Lakers’ nine-game losing streak.


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LaVar said that the record of the Lakers (11-27) does not reflect on the fact that they are a good team. But based on his observation, the players do not give high fives to him when they come out of the game. There’s also no consistency on the rotation.

“He’s too young. He’s too young,” LaVar said of Walton. “He ain’t connecting with them anymore. You can look at every player, he’s not connecting with not one player.”

“My job is to play basketball,” he said when asked about having a preference for certain coaches. “I don’t decide who coaches.”

For his part, Walton said it doesn’t matter what LaVar Ball thinks about what’s happening in the locker room, what matters is the truth.


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“My only concern with any of it is for ‘Zo,” he told reporters. “As long as ‘Zo is fine with it and ‘Zo can come in and play and it doesn’t affect mine and his relationship then it doesn’t bother me at all.”

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