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Who’s Been Scribbling On Kyrie Irving’s Shoes?

Kyrie Irving has been making statements with his footwear for a while now. The Boston Celtics star likes to be unique and his shoes enable him to express himself.

The First Time Kyrie’s Footwear Caught The Public Eye

The very first time that the world started to pay attention to Kyrie’s shoes was in November of 2017.


He appeared on court wearing his signature sneakers, the Kyrie 3 made by Nike. Yet, they were a little different from normal. On the side of one was a rose.

It Was A Tribute To His Mother

The star’s mother, Elizabeth, passed away when he was just 4 years old. He has never forgotten her though or allowed her to slip from his heart.

Sneaker News

While the heart motif was the first tribute that the public has noticed on his shoes, he has actually been paying his respects to his mom on every single model of his sneakers since he began getting custom designs.

Then The Scribbles Appeared

The first pair of sneakers with scribbles had the word “whiplash” emblazoned near the sole.


Kryie says he wrote the word himself after having watched the movie Whiplash. He said that he’d seen it while resting from an injury and that it marked a “turning point” in his play. He feels it made him more willing to sacrifice for what he wants on the court.

AKI Appears Too

It’s not been as clear as to why this pair of sneakers bears the initials AKI.


Some say it’s a tribute to his daughter, Azurie. But those in the know point out that her middle initial is E, not K. It’s worth noting that KI are Kyrie Irving’s brand initials, though. Maybe it’s just meant to symbolize “Azurie and Kyrie Irving“?

So, keep an eye on Kyrie’s feet, he may be trying to tell you something when he next scribbles on his sneakers.

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