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The Most Absolutely Insane Sports Brawls That Ever Went Down

Professional sports are all about commitment and stress. Yet sometimes things go beyond that, and good old-fashioned caveman violence steps in.

These sports pros were world-class athletes right up to the moment that their lizard brains kicked in. Check out the most shocking brawls in sports history for yourself, you need to see them to believe it.

Charles Barkley Vs Shaquille O’Neal: The Tallest Brawl In History

Awful Announcing

No other brawl has been conducted at the same heights as the one between¬†Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal back in 1999. These two were the stars of the entire game and they went to war.

Canada Goes To Town On The USSR

The Hockey News

This may be why the Cold War ended. The Punch-up in Piestany saw both sides disqualified and what may be the longest brawl in sports history. Even switching the lights off after 20 minutes didn’t put an end to things.

The Georgetown Hoyas Flee A Chinese Welcome

Washington Post

The Georgetown Hoyas went to China to build goodwill. Instead, they were attacked first by their opponents and then by just about everyone else. It was brutal.

Kermit Washington Destroys Rudy Tomjanovich

ABC News

Kermit Washington misread the game and nearly tore Tomjanovich’s face off when he punched him at a Lakers vs Rockets game in 1977. It may be the most visceral moment in the history of sports violence.

The North Stars Go Nuclear On The Bruins

Star Tribune

Hockey isn’t exactly a gentle sport, but the 1981 game between the Minnesota North Stars and the Boston Bruins took it to a whole new level of violence.

The Hurricanes And The Panthers Go To War

SB Nation

Thirty-one players were suspended in the aftermath of football’s largest ever brawl. The 2006 game between the Miami Hurricanes and FIU Golden Panthers will live in infamy forever.

Julius Erving Squares Up To Larry Bird


A punch-up between friends is always a bad thing. Real life chums Erving and Bird lost it during a game in 1984 and their teams had to pull them apart.

The Heavy Metal Showdown


“The Brawl” saw the Philadelphia Flyers and the Ottawa Senators come to blows to the backdrop of some awesome Metallica. It rocked while they rucked.

Ron Artest: The Malice In The Palace


When does a foul get you arrested? When you’re Ron Artest and it’s on Ben Wallace of Detroit. Then a few shoves turned into a full-on brawl and players were banned from playing and fans from attending. It was not pretty.

1965: The SF Giants Vs The L.A. Dodgers


The Giants pitcher, Marichal, objected to the way that the Dodgers catcher, Roseboro, was throwing the ball. So, he decided to educate him on the subject by using a bat on his head.

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