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The Greatest NHL Players Ever

The National Hockey League (NHL) is a hard place to be and it’s even harder to make a reputation in. Today, we bring you 10 men who battled through to the top and made their mark for history. It’s always hard to pick only 10 players, but we think that we’ve got it right. Check it out.

Ray Bourque: A Record That Needs No Defense


We begin our list with Ray Bourque. He holds the record for goals, assists, and points in the NHL for a defenseman and was the longest-serving captain for the Boston Bruins in their history.

Dominik Hašek: Dominated In Front Of Goal

The Score

Dominik Hašek (“The Dominator” to his fans) was the driving force for European players to establish themselves in the NHL. He was one of the greatest goaltenders of any era.

Bobby Hull: “The Golden Jet”


Bobby’s nickname “The Golden Jet” reflects his speed and power on the ice. He was the top goal scorer in the NHL on 7 different occasions, a record that has yet to be matched.

Joseph Jean Arthur Béliveau: A Fantastic Talent


Joseph Jean Arthur Béliveau was the second player ever to score 1,000 points in the NHL. He has been an incredible contributor to the Montreal Canadiens both as a player and as an executive.

Martin Brodeur: The Goaltending Genius

Off The Record Sports

The trouble with tending goal is that when you do your job, nobody gets excited, they just get angry when you don’t do it well. Martin Brodeur did it better than anyone else has ever done.

Maurice Richard: Setting The Pace For Others To Follow

The Score

Possibly the first “all-time great” that the NHL ever had. He was certainly the first player to slam in 50 goals in a season and 500 in a career!

Mario Lemieux: The Ultimate Penguin


The Pittsburgh Penguins will never forget the contribution of Mario Lemieux. Not only did he rule on the ice for them, he also brought them out of bankruptcy as their owner and chairman.

Bobby Orr: Defending In Glory

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Bobby was the most aggressive and brilliant defender in the game. Not only did he keep other teams out, but he broke the record for the most points and assists by a defenseman in a season.

Gordie Howe: It Was A Close Call

Gangster Report

Gordon “Gordie” Howe is one of the original greats of the NHL. Between 1946 and 1980, he was the man who owned the ice. He could only have been unseated as the greatest by one man, our list’s top pick.

Wayne Gretzky: The Undisputed King Of NHL


He held 61 NHL records when he retired. He smashed in over 200 points in a single season. Wayne Douglas Gretzky is the greatest player of all time, no questions about it.

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