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Fun Facts You Never Knew About American Ninja Warrior

American Ninja Warrior might sound cheesy, but it’s awesome. Anyone who has seen it knows. Once you’ve seen the athletics involved, how can you not watch it? The fans agree, and it’s become an established piece of mainstream viewing today. Here’s what you don’t know about the country’s favorite alternative sports show.

It Was Inspired By Sasuke

Hollywood Reporter

American Ninja Warrior‘s roots are in a Japanese Game show called Sasuke. In fact, its contestants used to send in videos of themselves doing ninja-stuff and hoping to win a place on Sasuke.

You Can Take Performance Enhancing Drugs

Hollywood Reporter

Actually, that might be too sensationalist — it’s fairer to say that no contestant is required to undergo a drug test, and thus there’s nothing to stop somebody from cheating.

A G4 Gamble Paid Off For The Show


The show started on G4tv, and its executives gave the finale to the third season to NBC in exchange for publicity. They took it, ran it, and it was massively popular. So, they bought the rights and the show went primetime.

The Oldest Warrior Was 72


The show doesn’t allow people under the age of 21 to compete, so there’s no record for the youngest athlete. But the oldest was Chuck Mammay, 72. He crashed out in the first round.

It Has A Spin-Off Series


Team Ninja Warrior is American Ninja Warrior‘s baby brother. There are no solo victories in Team Ninja Warrior; teams must have two men and one woman to compete.

The Hosts Watch The Show On Monitors


They’re good at making it feel like they’re there, but in reality, American Ninja Warrior‘s hosts are in the studio watching the action on monitors.

It’s Not Easy To Get On The Show

Times Of Israel

You have to submit a video showing how awesome you are and then take part in a regional qualifying round of 100 people. Then there’s a second qualifying round made up of regional winners. Ouch.

The Prize Is Now Split If You Conquer Mt. Midoriyama

Mud And Adventure

Mt. Midoriyama is the final challenge, and anyone who beats it gets $1 million. However, the first time it was conquered, two men finished and only one got paid. They changed the rules due to fan uproar over this.

Canadian Ninja Warrior Was A Thing


Canadian Ninja Warrior was launched in a hail of publicity in 2016. Then it was pulled from the air that same year. Apparently, Canadians just don’t feel the ninja vibe like Americans do.

A T-Rex Once Climbed The Wall

Midnight Pulp

Reko Rivera competed in a T-Rex costume. He flunked the 4th obstacle because his suit’s arms were too short, but he decided to have a go at “the wall” anyway and he made it!

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