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Suspect in Ex-NBA Player Lorenzen Wright’s Slay Charged

Justice moved slowly for former NBA player Lorenzen Wright because it took more than seven years before a suspect can be charged for allegedly gunning him down in July of 2010.


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Shelby County District Attorney General Amy Weirich said that they charged Billy Turner, 46, on first-degree murder for the death of the former Memphis Grizzlies player. A $1 million bond was recommended for the respondent.

If Turner is convicted, the Memphis Police Department can finally write this case of its books. The body of Wright was found on July 28, 2010. He was reported missing just 10 days earlier. The autopsy revealed that he was shot seven times.

The gun supposedly used in the murder was found in a lake about 75 miles away from where Wright’s decomposing body was discovered.



According to the police report, his ex-wife Sherra claimed that that father of six left their home on July 18, 2010, carrying a gun and some drugs. Sherra added that she heard Lorenzen telling somebody on the phone that he would “flip something for $110,000.”  When she looked out, she saw her former husband go inside a car with a person she didn’t recognize.

On July 19, Wright managed to call for help on his mobile phone. On the recording, about 11 shots can be heard. When he was found, he had two gunshots to the head, another two to the chest and another to the right forearm. However, the body was already so far at the advanced state of decomposition, which made it hard for forensics to determine just how many times he got shot.



Memphis Police Department director Michael Rallings can only express relief at the charge. “The Lorenzen Wright case has stayed in the public eye for many years,” he said. “We said many times that we had never stopped investigating.”

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