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Tough Love: Athletes We Want To Hate But Can’t Help But Admire

Tough Love: Athletes We Want To Hate But Can’t Help But Admire


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There’s always that someone you really want to hate but can’t help but love. In sports, this dilemma is all too common, with athletes being whiny and over dramatic on the court or field, but being so generous and charitable off it. Take LeBron James, one of the NBA’s biggest complainers who, when he removes the jersey, instantly becomes a different person, one who gives back more than most. So for now, let’s put our hate aside and check out these athletes we probably dislike but shouldn’t .

LeBron James

Was it the nationally televised “Decision” that broke the hearts of Cavalier fans world-wide?  The constant complaining to the refs even though LeBron is the beneficiary of so many calls? Maybe his lackluster performances in most games significant games? Or a combination of all of the above and then some? 

LeBron Lakers

Harry How / Getty

For our sanity, we won’t even begin to discuss the GOAT debate that surfaces on social media far too often. Regardless of his greatness and Benjamin Button-like tendencies, LeBron James is a divisive figure in sports and has made enemies even out of his most ardent supporters back in Cleveland.

However, there is no knocking LeBron’s public image off the court. He’s become an ambassador to the game of basketball while being one of the most generous, charitable figures in sports. His biggest goal? Helping those in his hometown of Akron, Ohio, better their lives and achieve a higher education. How he’s doing it?

Jason Miller / Getty

By opening a free “I Promise” elementary school and pledging upwards of $41 million in scholarships that will provide local students free tuition to the University of Akron should they meet some basic prerequisites. The university will even rename its education department the LeBron James Family Foundation College of Education.

Other than this amazing contribution towards alleviating the costs of college for those in LeBron’s hometown, LeBron has been a major donor to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the Muhammad Ali Museum, and numerous after-school programs that he’s single-handedly funded. Oh, and the obnoxious decision he made on television? 

Jason Miller / Getty

It actually raised $3 million for various organizations, the prime recipient being the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Although many people would agree that he could have donated the money in a less obnoxious, heart-breaking manner, the end result is still the same. LeBron cares about community and goes above and beyond to make a difference. 

Hate him all you want on the court, but off the court, LeBron has become a model citizen and role model for millions of youths across the country. His activism isn’t driven by a contractual agreement. It’s genuine, pure, and ever-growing. He’s a generational talent that has used his platform for good, something most athletes, sadly, don’t do. 

charitable athletes

For every LeBron James, there are a thousand other athletes who don’t give any of their money to charities or noble causes. For every LeBron, there’s too many athletes who waste their money on excessive goods and flashy objects before going broke and bankrupt. So props to you, LeBron for blazing your own charitable path unlike most. 

Ndamukong Suh

The laundry list of dirty plays that Ndamukong Suh has racked up is scary long and fairly disturbing. Since entering the NFL in 2010, the fiery defensive tackle from Nebraska has made far too many headlines for unacceptable, unprofessional antics. Intentionally stepping on Aaron Rodgers? Check. Choking out Ryan Mallett? 

charitable athletes

Definitely. Late hits and ripping helmets off opponents? You bet. He’s been fined hundreds of thousands of dollars, suspended multiple times and consistently finds himself atop of the least liked players list. Inside and out of the NFL, no one likes Suh. What he’s become is more of a monster than a football player.

Yet, when the helmet comes off, Suh is a changed man, and one of the most charitable players in the NFL. Suh’s Alma Mater, Nebraska, was on the receiving end of one of Suh’s greatest charitable contributions of $2.6 million. Two million went to the university’s strength and conditioning program while the other $600,000 went towards a scholarship fund for students in the engineering program.

charitable athletes

His high school also received a cool $250,000 from Suh to install a turf field, which covered a large chunk of the nearly $2 million it costs to replace grass with a super-fancy rug loaded with rubber pellets (isn’t turf awesome?). Despite most athletes abhorring the artificial surface, it’s at least easy to care for and looks good from the bleachers. 

Besides donating to athletic causes, Suh has made an impact in the local communities he plays for, such as Detroit, Miami, and his hometown in Oregon. Not bad for a guy who also spends a large part of his time donating game checks to the NFL’s ever growing fine pool. Now imagine if Suh could just play football, not MMA.

Look To The Stars

He’d have more money in his pockets and he’d be able to give that much more to the charities he cares about.  Or, if he was interested in being one of the biggest and more powerful MMA fighters on the planet, he should probably consider a career change where his moves would be more permissible. 

Lance Armstrong

Livestrong. Cheat harder. Lance Armstrong was the face of cycling, which doesn’t say much considering how niche of a sport it is. But he was much larger than the sport. He was a global icon. Winning a record seven consecutive Tour de France races from 1999-05 and defeating cancer — where his prognosis was a 40 percent chance at living — Armstrong became one of the most dominant and prominent athletes on the planet.

Robert Laberge / Getty

However, the man once idolized by millions was stripped of his Tour de France titles and banished from professional cycling when he was found guilty of using performance enhancing drugs throughout his professional career. The final crushing blow came during a 2013 televised interview with Oprah Winfrey, when the defamed cyclist openly admitted to the world his wrongdoings.

Despite being a pariah in the sports world, Lance undeniably succeeded in using his status as a triumphant cancer survivor and champion to raise money for numerous charities and organizations, the biggest being the LIVESTRONG Foundation he founded which is, on the surface level, most notable for its ubiquitous yellow wristbands adorned by millions in the 2000s. 

charitable athletes

But those wristbands were more than a fashion statement or a fleeting trend. To some, they meant triumph. They meant winning despite the odds and not letting one’s circumstances define one’s life. Although wristband may have been small, it’s cultural impact was huge, and to those who adorned them after their battle with cancer, they were a badge of honor. 

Since its inception in 1997, the organization, no longer affiliated with Armstrong himself, has raised over $500 million for cancer research. Millions of lives have been positively affected by its efforts, from grass-roots causes to research initiatives. Even without Armstorng, the face and founder of the brand, the movement lives on, and even with Lance’s checkered past, there is no denying how great of an impact he had on so many lives. 

charitable athletes

Armstrong’s journey from legend to outcast is both sad and interesting, but the impact he’s had on countless lives outside of cycling helped assuage the pain he caused to his fans during his scandalous riding days. Years down the road, the sport of cycling will probably look at the controversial, emotional Armstrong period with a crooked smile. Undoubtedly, Armstrong helped grow the sport of cycling by immeasurable amounts. He also cast a massive gray cloud over the sport, the effects of which are still felt today. 

Tiger Woods

Another athlete who absolutely, positively fell from grace and has struggled to make it back to the top, Tiger Woods sudden reversal of fortune in 2009 made him, for several years, a sports outcast. All of his misery was self-induced, so sympathy was rather hard to come by, and for Tiger gaining the public’s trust again was just the start of his steep uphill journey. 

tiger woods majors

Back at his peak, Tiger was unstoppable and was approaching GOAT status. He was on pace to shatter every golfing record known to man. He was one of the richest athletes on the planet and a celebrity in every aspect. From his signature Nike line to his custom Gatorade drink, Tiger was omnipresent.

Then, in a massive blaze, it all came burning to the ground. Woods was caught up in a scandal of infidelity that left his family and his reputation in shambles and left fans searching for answers. He was arrested for driving under the influence, which, somehow, was just the start of his troubles. 

charitable athletes

The mugshot was awful and the shocking details of his transgressions slowly started to ooze out in tabloids worldwide. He seemingly lost everything, from his wife, to sponsors, to public support. It was all gone and, to this day, he’s been fighting to get it back- at least his reputation and winning ways.

Since then, Tiger’s been cast in a pretty negative light, and rightfully so. But, he’s human and made mistakes and certainly paid for them- in nearly every way imaginable. And what he’s done in providing underprivileged youth with an opportunity to expand their love and knowledge for science and technology is unbelievable. 


Thanks to Tiger’s TGR Lab, a massive facility in southern California that hosts both after school STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) programs and summer camps, thousands of kids have expanded their knowledge, had hands on experience in subjects they’re passionate about, and have received scholarship opportunities to attend four-year universities.

For Tiger, winning is transient, it’s impact minimal. But his foundation is the exact opposite. It’s impact will span decade after decade. It’s legacy more important than any trophy. When golf is gone and Woods can no longer swing the club, he’ll be proud to know his legacy, however damaged it once was, positively altered the lives of thousands of children. 

charitable athletes

And those children who directly benefited from Woods’ benevolence will remember him as an influential figure in their lives, a mentor who helped achieve their dreams. What they wouldn’t think of was him as a golfer or a corrupt sports figure who made a few wrong decisions. 

Tom Brady

Five Super Bowl victories, countless individual and team accolades, a model for a wife, and numerous endorsements have made Tom Brady an idol in New England and a villain everywhere else. Just take your pick with what aspect of Brady’s life you’re most envious about. 

Maddie Meyer / Getty

Yet, seemingly, nothing can bring down the goofy 41-year-old who happens to be the greatest quarterback of all time. Rules have been modified because of him, he’s been the beneficiary of numerous questionable calls, his teams have been accused of every kind of cheating under the sun, he’s been suspended, and despite all of this, the man keeps winning. The haters keep hating.

Say what you will about No. 12 on the field — that he’s a product of the system, that his kickers and dumb calls have won him Super Bowls, he’s a cheater — but, football aside, Brady is a difference maker on more days than just Sunday. Brady, for all the hate he receives is one of the NFL’s best guys off the field.  

charitable athletes

Although it may look like Tom is most passionate about winning, he has a different side of him that is usually veiled and goes unseen. After all, Brady is a relatively private guy who wants to stay out of the media’s focus as much as possible.

For instance, Brady shaved his signature long hair in an effort to raise money for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. The result?  A $7.5 million donation. Thanks to Brady’s likeness over the past six years, Best Buddies, an organization dedicated to helping disabled people, has raised over $20 million. 

charitable athletes

Brady has also donated large sums of money to his high school and college, and to his children’s schools. Lastly, Brady gave $100,000 to J.J. Watt’s hurricane relief effort fund, one of the more sizable donations made by an organization or individual.Props to Brady for helping those in need while flawlessly deflecting the constant stream of hate he receives. 

Tim Tebow

Hating Tim Tebow should be pretty hard. But to the masses, it’s not. He’s polarizing and annoying. His public display of his faith gets under people’s skin. Broadly displaying his favorite bible verses on his eye black in college irked the casual fan. Celebrating by taking a knee rather than spiking the ball just made fans cringe in agony. 

charitable athletes

Praising the lord during interviews made people squirm. Then, there’s the football part. The part where Tebow dominated at the college level and won the Heisman and two National Championships. The part where not even God himself could get in the way of Tebow and victory. No matter what defenses did to try and contain him, he found a work around. Run through them or over them. Jump pass or long ball. Tebow was putting points on the board after he put his faith on his eye-black.

The first-round selection by the Denver Broncos made everyone gasp. The massive throw in the playoffs to beat the Steelers on the first play of overtime in 2011 made everyone question themselves and their beliefs. Tebow had just done the impossible. Everyone wanted to see him fail, but he kept succeeding. 

Tebow Prom

Sadly for Tebow, he wasn’t given a fair shot at improving his game and proving the doubters wrong. His football career was cut short and he switched to baseball. Even more hate now! The guy dropped one sport and instantly became a professional in a different one, despite not playing competitively since high school.

But please, for a second, put your hatred of Tebow aside and appreciate what he does from a non-athletic standpoint. Tebow’s greatest off-field accomplishment and, not coincidentally, his life’s purpose is helping others. Guided by an unbreakable faith and an unshakable will to help others, Tebow has physically and emotionally changed the lives of thousands of people around the globe. 

Tebow Prom

And he’s doing all of this great work while receiving so much criticism for being who he is, a religious man. Fortunately the public opinion and perception doesn’t seem to get to Tebow. The negativity doesn’t seem to penetrate his personal bubble. Tebow, to his credit, has marched to the beat of his own drum and will continue to do so. 

His primary way of reaching those in need? The Tim Tebow Foundation. Centered around multiple charities, each with their own unique mission, the Tim Tebow Foundation does a wide array of charitable work around the globe, from building hospitals in the Philippines to hosting a world-wide prom night for special needs children.

charitable athletes

When Tebow’s athletic endeavors eventually come to a close, he’ll be remembered as one of the most dominant college football players in history and, more importantly, a genuine, altruistic human whose life mission was focused on making the world a better place, and for Tebow that is all that matters.

Ronda Rousey

Oh man, was it fun seeing Ronda Rousey lose. Those were the days. The days before she fled the UFC in favor of the WWE, where her losses were at least scripted. The days before she attempted to be a Hollywood actress starring in action movies like Fast and Furious. 

charitable athletes

When the pouting and crying Rousey was first defeated in the UFC, MMA fans rejoiced. She started off her match against Holly Holm without a handshake. She ended it on the canvas, unconscious. Next fight? Amanda Nunes, one year later. The result? Eerily similar, with Rousey once again getting knocked out.

Two straight knockouts led to her retirement from the UFC. Two straight knockouts sent her from the canvas to the couch where she could lick her wounds in peace. But retiring from combat sports hasn’t stopped Ronda from being one of the most charitable athletes on the planet. She went from throwing left hooks to writing checks, from take-downs to spirit lifts.

Round one: Rousey’s $30,000 donation to a judo gym in Brazil that works with underprivileged kids from Brazil’s notorious Favelas. Hopefully she can teach them a thing or two about humility and respect along with how to block a punch. 

Round two: Didi Hirsh Mental Health Services. Rousey created a clothing line where a portion of proceeds went towards this organization’s mission of fighting stigmas surrounding mental health. The final number of shirts sold hasn’t been disclosed, but the number was substantial. Rumor has it the shirt looks better than Rousey sprawled out on the canvas.

charitable athletes

Round three: Her instagram presence. Followed by millions Ronda’s impactful instagram posts hit home to the masses, especially for the women who she frequently caters her posts to.

As she enters the WWE, expect her influence and earnings to grow, which in turn should help keep Ronda as one of the most charitable athletes.

Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson is in a tough spot here. On one hand, he’s a pretty lovable NFL Superstar. He’s always positive. He’s one of the league’s best role models. Has the whole underdog mentality thing going for him: He’s undersized and had multiple college setbacks before making it to the pros. And he’s a true dual-sport athlete, which puts him in rare company.

WTF Moments

But, Wilson can also attract plenty of haters. Primary reason? Throwing the worst interception in NFL history during Super Bowl XLIX. On the goal line in prime position to upset the Patriots, the Seahawks elected to throw the ball instead of handing it off to Marshawn Lynch. Wilson came up with a rather lame throw that was picked off by Malcolm Butler in one of the most infamous plays in sports history.

Wilson’s dating of singer Ciara has also been a contentious topic for fans, mostly because of how overt the quarterback has been about his faith preventing the two stars from getting too cozy with each other before marriage. Lastly, Wilson’s signature includes a different bible verse attached to them which is kind of a forced way of showing off religion. 

charitable athletes

Plus, is it really his signature if he’s writing things besides his name? For some fans, Russell gives off a holier-than-though feeling that distracts from the game of football.  But in the end, Russell is a class-act on the field and does a lot more good than bad. 

First and foremost, Wilson’s charitable contributions are heavenly. His biggest touchdown, so to speak, was a $1 million contribution to the Seattle Children’s hospital. That alone puts Wilson head and shoulders above most athletes for biggest single donation. His Why Not Foundation is also a major player in empowering children in the Seattle area and donating to hospitals dedicated to solving pediatric cancer. 

charitable athletes

One of his signature events, a benefit concert featuring his wife Ciara and local rapper Macklemore, raised $1.4 million for providing children with greater access to the arts. Whether Wilson can guide the Seahawks back to another Super Bowl is yet to be determined, but the work he has done off the gridiron is impressive and makes him one of the greatest players in the NFL. 


Flopping around like a fish out of water is Brazilian star Neymar’s signature move. His antics are unbearable and makes the world hate one of the greatest soccer talents in history. Such a shame. The talented scorer seems to care more about his hairstyle and influencing referees to pull yellow cards on his opponents than winning games.

charitable athletes

Fortunately for us fans, his impressive acting at the World Cup gave the world many a great meme. Neymar also has a problem staying healthy, which is problematic because none of us can tell if he’s actually hurt or is acting. It’s like the boy who cried wolf. His untimely injuries and dedication to his club PSG really instilled a new level of doubt into the character of Neymar.

What Neymar doesn’t do is flop around when it comes to his charitable contributions. Growing up poor in Sao Paulo, Neymar saw how devastating life can be for those kids who don’t emerge to become one of the world’s highest paid athletes. With that sentiment in mind, Neymar opened a facility in his hometown that includes pools, fields, and classrooms to help the local youth develop their talents outside the classroom. 

charitable athletes

He also partnered with Waves for Water during the 2014 World Cup in an effort to provide more clean drinking water to Brazilians and raise awareness for such a devastating plight. Good shot, Neymar. Now, please, for the sake of us fans, please stop flopping and making a total fool of yourself. 

Chris Paul

Man does this guy pout a lot. He must have such a sore face from all the pouting and frowning. To boot, Chris Paul is arguably the biggest complainer in the NBA, always chirping away and giving the poor refs an earful. That’s the primary reason Paul is one of the most obnoxious athletes to grace this list.

charitable athletes

To make matters worse, Paul’s lack of postseason heroics is irritating, especially when he came up limp and gimp in the Western Conference Finals Game 7 against Golden State. Had he played, the Rockets very well could have eliminated the defending champs, preventing a fourth straight finals rematch against Cleveland.

Chris Paul as a role model is a drastically different persona than the basketball playing Paul. First and foremost, he was named the 2016 Sports Humanitarian of the Year. This prestigious honor came from all of the hard work Paul has done in giving back to the communities he is closest with. His Chris Paul Family foundation has given $1 million to Boys and Girls Clubs across America.


His annual bowling tournament raises money for his foundation which places an emphasis on putting technology and computer labs in underprivileged, inner-city schools. Come holiday season, Paul is known to take children on shopping sprees and recently took 100 kids to toy stores in the Houston area.

Other than his Family Foundation that does incredible work, Paul’s most notable charitable contribution was his $2.5 million donation to his Alma mater, Wake Forest. This donation was Wake’s single largest donation by an athlete and is going towards locker room upgrades.

charitable athletes

But can it help Wake become the best team in North Carolina? Can it help them capture an NCAA title? Besides upgrading the men’s and women’s locker rooms, Paul has a few scholarship funds set up for both academic and athletic purposes.

Even if Paul never wins a ring (in bowling or basketball), his legacy as a charitable man has certainly been cemented. 

Cristiano Ronaldo

Where to begin with Ronaldo? His insane paychecks that spawn worldwide jealousy? His good-looks that probably draw the envy of most humans who know of his existence? A crazy super-car collection that’s worth more than some countries’ GDP? Ah, can’t forget when he rolls up his shorts to show off his bulging leg muscles. Just obnoxious. Then there’s the tax fraud scandal.

soccer salaries

Come on Ronaldo, you are worth so much money. Why on earth do you have to skimp on your taxes? Just pay up like the rest of us and walk away still in the richest .00000001%. As Ronaldo says, “insect only attack lamps that shine!” That should sum up Ronaldo’s garish personality well. He’s a shiny lamp, and he’s proud of it.

His benevolence off field is certainly praise-worthy, as he was named the most charitable athlete on the planet, beating out wrestler John Cena. The goal-scoring legend has an impressive list of charitable contributions and philanthropic actions he’s taken to support various causes around the globe. 

charitable athletes

One of his most noble projects is teaming up with an Italian businessman to build multiple children’s hospitals throughout South America. The first, in Santiago, Chile, will be completed in 2020, with many more coming after. So while many of you may believe Ronaldo is just focused on taking care of business on the field, he loves to take of those in need off the field. 

Winner of five Ballon d’Or trophies, Ronaldo elected to auction off an exact replica to the Make-A-Wish foundation. The trophy was purchased by Israeli Idan Ofer for a commanding $705,000. He also completely covered the medical bills for a family whose son had to undergo an expensive brain surgery. Originally, the family asked Ronaldo for a few signed items so they could auction it off for money. Ronaldo one-upped the offer and covered all of the expenses himself.

charitable athletes

The list goes on and on for Ronaldo (helping refugees, raising awareness and money for victims of the Syrian Civil War, tsunami relief efforts, and many more), and as long as he continues to put his absurdly high salary to good use, we’ll be able to put up with his constant antics and self-flattery.

Carmelo Anthony

Coming off the bench? No chance. Carmelo Anthony is too good for that, right? Debatable. Since going third overall in the 2003 NBA Draft, Anthony has been as much of a maligned distraction to his teams as he’s been a positive contributor. Obviously, he can score. He’s a pure scorer at that. But what he’s not is more problematic than what he is. 

charitable athletes

He’s not a team player. He lacks defensive effort. And his attitude stinks. Remember that time when Melo apparently died on court and lay motionless on the court for minutes while the game continued around him? Detestable. Even his best self, Hoodie Melo, puts in average effort at best and is less of a defensive presence than James Harden on his best day. 

Hold up for a second. Not everything Carmelo Anthony does is frustrating. When Melo ditches the prominent on-court attitude, he transforms into one of the most philanthropic NBA players. He was named one of five finalists for the 2018 Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award, presented annually by the Professional Basketball Writers Association. How did he get on this short list? Through his eponymous foundation and his Puerto Rico Relief Fund. 

charitable athletes

To aid the residents of Puerto Rico following a devastating hurricane, Melo set up a crowdfunding site that pulled in over half a million dollars. He also brought in tens of thousands of pounds of food to the devastated island.During Christmas season, Carmelo hosts his annual Very Melo Christmas, an event keeping the holiday spirit elevated for underprivileged kids in cities where he plays. Love him or hate him for how he performs on gameday, but Melo truly is one of the better guys when the jersey comes off.

Michael Bennett

Michael Bennett can be an absolute menace on the defensive side of the ball. He’s a three-time Pro Bowler and Super Bowl Champion. When he’s on his game, he’s one of the most formidable pass rushers in the league. However, he’s more of a nuisance to fans than he is to quarterbacks. His constant trash talk can be unpleasant, but his dirty plays are unjustifiable. They are dangerous and unnecessary, and many of them come during the opposing team’s victory formation, making Bennett a poor sport on top of everything else.

charitable athletes

Also important to mention was Bennett’s run-in with the Las Vegas police. A hotly contested issue that has no right answer, Bennett’s account of what actually happened drastically differs from the body cam footage provided by the Vegas Police Department. Come to your own conclusions regarding the Vegas incident, but Bennett’s behavior is undeniably poor.

Yet, as we’ve seen before, there appears to be a personality switch when they remove their uniform and become everyday citizens, and Bennett is no different. In 2017, he pledged to donate all of his endorsement money to charities focusing on helping minorities and women. Bennett also pledged to donate 50 percent of proceeds from his jersey sales to various causes. 

charitable athletes

Bennett’s foundation, The Bennett Foundation, is also a very active player in helping combat childhood obesity, a cause that hits very close to Bennett’s heart. Due to this passion for eating well and living a healthy lifestyle, Bennett has pledged $5,000 to build an urban gardening community and education center.Hopefully Bennett can continue tackling some very important societal issues while keeping his emotions in check on the gridiron.

Eli Manning

Why does America hate Eli Manning? That face. That pathetic, childish look that is plastered on his face, hiding under his helmet for millions to see. That awful demeanor that doesn’t change regardless of whether or not he throws an interception or a touchdown. Plus, his blatant lack of athleticism coupled with his ability to make the most clutch of throws is just baffling. 

charitable athletes

No emotion. No athleticism. Two Super Bowl rings, including one of the biggest Super Bowl upsets in history. Honorable mention: when Eli, before ever stepping onto the field, forced a trade on draft day by refusing to play for the San Diego Chargers. Their offensive line wasn’t good enough for him.

Hating him off the field is impossible, though. Manning’s biggest charitable cause is helping sick children, and he does it without the cameras. He believes that spending time with sick children in hospitals is best done without the flash of the cameras, because being filmed takes the authenticity of the visit away.

University of Mississippi Medical Center

Other than hospital visits, Manning has been integrally involved in building hospitals and donated $1 million towards a children’s hospital in Mississippi. Defeating childhood cancer remains another top priority for the quarterback, and Manning remains the face of the Tackle Kids Cancer Foundation in New York. His efforts helped raise $250,000 towards research and primary care for children.

These efforts are, by no means, the only aid Manning gives. He’s a heavily involved citizen in the communities that he’s closest with and was the NFL’s Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year Award winner, given annually to honor the NFL player who demonstrates the most altruism off the field while excelling on it. 

charitable athletes

It remains one of the most prestigious NFL awards a player can win. Previous winners who are still active in the NFL are designated by a jersey patch that is worn throughout the season. Keep an eye out for Manning’s, assuming he’s still good enough to take the field as the Giants starting quarterback. 

Richard Sherman

The Shermanator. Lockdown cornerback Richard Sherman has made himself known as one of the more loud-mouthed players in any sport. He’s also a pretty deft cornerback with a knack for big plays. But each time Sherman does something great, he ruins the moment with an absurd amount of trash talk. You here that Michael Crabtree? Don’t ever come at Richard Sherman again!

charitable athletes

And who could forget Sherman’s Super Bowl antics where he blatantly taunted the Patriots on camera, only to be embarrassed by one of the most classic, twisted faces ever seen on television following Russell Wilson’s interception, which virtually ended the game and Seattle’s hopes of repeating as champions. The face!

However, let’s give credit where credit is due. Sherman is an incredibly generous giver and it deserves to be highlighted. He was the only NFL player to make the Athletes Gone Good list, a guide to the most charitable stars. He fully funded a students college education and his foundation, The Blanket Coverage Foundation, continuously does good work for the Seattle community that loves him dearly (along with many other communities across America). 

charitable athletes

In fact, he and his organization held the largest ever backpack giveaway for underprivileged school kids.We’d be pretty happy if Sherman can contain his obnoxious on-field antics, but as long as he keeps being the benevolent giver off-field, us fans will be glad to put up with it.

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