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Breaking The Bank: The 10 Biggest MLB Contracts Ever

In 2008, Alex Rodriguez signed Major League Baseball’s biggest contract ever: a 10-year deal with the Texas Rangers for a whopping $252,000,000. Even today, A-Rod’s staggering deal is among the top 10 biggest MLB contracts ever signed. Here are nine more members of the $200 million+ club, including one player who made the list twice.

Prince Fielder: $214,000,000

USA Today

The Tigers paid Prince like a king in 2012, luring the first baseman away from the Milwaukee Brewers. It was a homecoming of sorts, as Fielder’s father Cecil enjoyed the best years of his career in Detroit. After two years, the Tigers traded Prince to the Texas Rangers. Ultimately a neck injury cut his career cut short.

Clayton Kershaw: $215,000,000

New York Times

The greatest pitcher of his generation, Kershaw has Dodgers fans understandably nervous going into the 2018 season. He can opt out of his contract this year and test the free agent waters.

David Price: $217,000,000

Boston Globe

In 2012, Price was the American League Cy Young winner with the Tampa Bay Rays. Price was traded to the Tigers then the Blue Jays before the Red Sox tendered the eighth-most lucrative contract in MLB history.

Joey Votto: $225,000,000

Dayton Daily News

Coming up one vote short of being a unanimous National League MVP in 2010 definitely paid off for Joey Votto. He signed this nine-digit contract with the Cincinnati Reds in 2014.

Albert Pujols: $240,000,000

Las Vegas Review-Journal

With his legacy in St. Louis secure, Pujols left the Cardinals for the Angels in 2012. The $240,000,000 deal helped with moving costs, no doubt.

Robinson Cano: $240,000,000

New York Times

As a perennial all-star second baseman, Cano turned down a $175 million offer to return to the Yankees. Instead, Cano headed west to Seattle and scored a $65 million raise.

Miguel Cabrera: $247,000,000

After Miggy won only the 17th Triple Crown in MLB history, the Tigers rewarded the AL MVP handsomely. He’s looking to rebound from two herniated discs in his back.

Alex Rodriguez: $252,000,000

Boston Globe

When A-Rod signed his then-record deal with the Rangers, it was $68 million more than the next biggest contract. While Rodriguez posted MVP-caliber numbers with the Rangers, the team finished in the AL West cellar each of his three years there. Then A-Rod was off to the Yankees…

Alex Rodriguez: $275,000,000

New York City Patch

Amazingly, this was the SECOND quarter-billion-dollar contract of A-Rod’s career. After joining the Yankees, Rodriguez finally won his only World Series ring in 2009.

Giancarlo Stanton: $325,000,000

New York Times

The Miami Marlins signed four-time all-star Giancarlo Stanton to the biggest MLB contract ever in 2014. After his NL MVP season in 2017, Stanton was traded to the Yankees.

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