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Where’s Baker Mayfield? Oklahoma QB A No-Show at CFP

The Oklahoma Sooners will face the Georgia Bulldogs during the semis of the College Football Playoffs. However, it’s not clear at this point whether or not Baker Mayfield will suit up.


The Wall Street Journal

Reports have said that Mayfield is down with an illness, which wasn’t identified by the team. He was also missing during the Lawry’s Beef Bowl on Thursday, as well as the bonding time at the Disney California Adventure Park on Wednesday.

On Friday morning, Mayfield was also a no-show during the media interviews on Friday.

The good news is that Mayfield practiced with the team in preparation for the Bulldogs on Monday.

However, Oklahoma tight end Mark Andrews said that Baker wouldn’t miss the Bulldogs game for the world. “Baker will be good to go,” he said. “He’s not dying or anything.”


Ronald Martinez/Getty

Andrews also joked that he noticed that he’s getting a lot more interviews in the absence of Mayfield, but only to answer questions regarding the status of the quarteback.

If Mayfield will suit up, the Bulldogs will be eagerly waiting for him.

ESPN reported that opponents have been hyped about facing Mayfield.  For instance, Jonathan Ledbetter, the defensive lineman for the Bulldogs, said that he’s looking forward to facing the quarterback.

“He’s a Heisman Trophy winner, and I would love to see if my skill set could hold up against that,” Ledbetter added. “That would be a great moment for me to measure where I’m at.”


Sporting News

Roquan Smith also told ESPN said it’s always great to be playing against a Heisman winner. The Bulldogs linebacker also believes that Mayfield will be there on Monday “regardless of what’s wrong with him” because he’s a competitor.

“He’s going to do his best to play in that game, and I’m sure he’ll be in that game,” he said. “So we’re definitely looking forward to that.”

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