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Alliance of American Football Attracts NFL Executives and Players

The Alliance of American Football (AAF) has attracted former NFL executives and players as the new league is set to debut on Feb. 9 next year right after the Super Bowl.

NFL executives

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Charlie Ebersol, the son of NBC Sports executive, said the whole season will last for 10 weeks as the eight teams with 50 men each will try to vie for the championship.

He already tapped Bill Polian, one of the long-time NFL executives, to help run the league. Also named to help in the personnel and operations side of the league were Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steeles and J.K. McKay of the University of South Carolina.

Hines Ward and Justin Tuck were also appointed as advisers of the league, according to the report.

NFL executives

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Jared Allen, formerly of the Minnesota Vikings, is also supposedly helping bankroll the AAF, along with The Chernin Group and Founders Fund by Peter Thiel.

The AAF is not seen as a direct competitor of the NFL but it will bound to clash with the XFL, the brainchild WWE chairman Vince McMahon, and Ebersol’s father, NBC executive Dick Ebersol.

Earlier, McMahon announced that he’s going to revive the XFL, and this time he’s going to focus less on the entertainment side and the gimmicks, and more on the substance.

NFL executives

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All the matches of both the XFL and the AAF will be carried by CBS. They will also choose from a roster of players who don’t make the cut in the NFL.

Ebersol said that one of the fundamental changes in the AAF is the greater participation of the fans and the players in how the teams are run. In this way, they share more on the success of their respective teams.

“Our players and fans are the lifeblood of The Alliance, and we will treat them as such,” he said.

Also, he said they will incorporate fantasy football into the broadcasts as a way of bringing that demographic into the AAF.

The cities that will host the teams will be announced next month.

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